Randomly on a Friday

Hi there.

I've been SEWING.


Out on the pergola amid the overgrown tomatoes!


Out on the pergola with a visit from the inspector.

The end is drawing near! The waistband is completely attached now and I'm working on just a bit more embellishment on the inside front, then closures! I "tried it on" the other day and am pretty happy with it… my "muslin" heh! 

I've also added to the fabric stash for future projects. I'm so ticked with this 2XL t-shirt that I found on clearance at Macy's. It will become a romper for Junah to wear next summer!



I haven't been KNITTING, but I've been making plans… and I will be knitting on Sunday for sure!


ScoreboardGo Pack Go!

I've been COOKING.


That is the incredibly delicious Leek, Olive & Potato Pie from a favorite cookbook The Olive and The Caper! We have not yet been steered wrong by this wonderful and informative book, and it might be time to attempt some of the more adventurous/exotic dishes!

And I've enjoyed HANGING OUT with my family.


My husband and my sister… we had a nice cookout and meal together at Joe's last weekend.

When it hasn't raining or hot & humid, it's been really nice outside, so I've been enjoying the great outdoors.


Farmer market morning.


Another lovely pergola afternoon.

There's been time with KIDDOS!


Aw… not one but TWO stubbed toes!

And there's been some TIME FOR ME.




After. Trimmed, thinned & curled! Kate, my stylist, asked me if I thought my hair was getting curlier… and YES! I do! There's a very straight layer on top but underneath, especially in back, it's incredibly wavy… which makes me wonder what would happen with a short style! It could happen!!



Kate's on a westerly road trip… through areas that don't always have cell service… but when she does have service, I'm enjoying following along!

* * * * *

9/11. I'll never forget.

9 thoughts on “Randomly on a Friday

  1. Totally love your skirt and can’t wait to see how it fits. I’m wondering if I’d like one that reaches my ankles. Love your pergola and your inspector. Junah’s toes look so sore. 🙁 Guess that’s how little ones learn to become more stable, but..owie! You do the most creative dishes and they all look extra yummy. And your hair looks fantastic!

  2. Beautiful AC, hair, skies, and food! I wish Junah’s boo-boos could be fixed with kisses. I’m especially taken with Kate’s photo and off to look for more. Safe travels to her along with more stunning sights!

  3. All good things! I’m starting the Packers scoreboard on Sunday, too. 🙂 And I’m thrilled that the game will actually be shown here in PA.

  4. Love the “after” hair! And since menopause my hair has gotten quite curly – it used to be stick straight!

  5. My hair does that exact same thing. It had always been perfectly straight, until sometime in my 40s the bottom layer, the one that grows at the nape of my neck, became wavy. Dare I say it, even… curly! But there is enough other hair to cover it.

  6. What FUN! (Love your new hair.) (Also love Junah’s baby-mullet!) I can’t wait to see the skirt all finished. I’m inspired to try one for myself. (Of course.)

  7. My hair has become increasingly curlier! Sometimes I’m not as thrilled about it as I could be but overall…And your pictures and activities are fabulous! So many good things!

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