Day Off: My To-Do List


I loved Mary's suggestion for the "mundane" and have also seen "lists" as a suggestion for blog posts. Well, here we have my mundane day-off to-do list!! Let's call it a NaBloPoMo warm up.

  1. Chiropractor – 9:30 a.m.
  2. Boots
  3. Books
  4. Oil change – 11:30 a.m.
  5. Sales tax
  6. End of month (start)
  7. Quarterly reports
  8. Call the IRS
  9. Pack up and mail the Traveling Scarf
  10. Kelly – wedding photography info
  11. Take measurements
  12. Make kombucha
  13. And a bunch of other stuff

I hated taking my boots back to the cobbler shop! The new pull-tab on the left boot broke again the second time I pulled it on… I never even tried the right boot (and that's the one that I really need it for). They're going to sink the pulls deeper, stitch them more, and also stretch the instep of the boot a bit. Finger's crossed! I pick them up again in a week.

I loaded up several boxes of books and sent them to Half-Price Books with Kate today. They're mostly my mom's books and it's only the beginning…

The IRS. I wish I didn't ever have to call them, and I put it off this time for a couple of weeks already… It all has to do with Ali changing her business from a Sole Proprietorship to an LLC and a snafu of paperwork complicated by her also getting married and changing her name, and all within a month in May-June 2013 but not realized until the end of the year. Yes, 2013. I do believe (as I am fervently knocking on wood) that this is the last little piece and that nothing having to do with that changeover is left unresolved. That said, I have had nothing but pleasantness and helpfulness (special training?) from everyone I've spoken with at the IRS. I'm thinking that it's four or five or six different people, now, and *I* wasn't always as cool and collected. Ahem. Anyway, it's probably a much better experience when I call them than if it were the other way around.


The Traveling Scarf arrived in my mailbox in July and I knit quite fervently for a while and then I stalled. Well, I knit a few more rows this morning while I bought postage online and arranged for package pick up, and it'll be in the hands of USPS tomorrow morning! There's one more stop before it heads home to Kim.

I came across the Options KAL the other day and that striped version reminded me that I really want to knit another Fib — longer, with shaping, and V-neck. Also, I've yet to use CustomFit to make a sweater! So, measuring.

Kombucha making starts tonight!

7 thoughts on “Day Off: My To-Do List

  1. I’m convinced 99% of life is full of “mundane” – aren’t these the details we love to find out about our mothers and grandmothers?! (I only hope our grandchildren can read our blogs in 50 years!)

  2. I agree with Mary . . . life is mostly “mundane” with a bit of excitement sprinkled in here and there. Good luck with the IRS . . .

  3. Mundane posts are so much more interesting than we think. My life is FULL of mundane and I need to be better at sharing it. Don’t you just love crossing off so many things on your To Do lists!?

  4. Damn, you’re productive. My mundane to-do list is do dishes, do laundry, water plants, pay bills, dump compost….OK, I do have finish the blanket I just wove and weave two more bobbins on the twill, but mostly mundane is VERY mundane.

  5. You got it done today! And mundane…that means safe and secure to me or as we used to say at a previous job of mine…meatloaf, pork chops and chicken!

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