Slow Fashion October

Slow Fashion Week 5: Known

favorite sustainable resources / “local” / traceable fabric and yarn origins / traceable garment origins / reference books, films, videos

This is where my eyes glaze over.

My favorite sustainable resource is Alabama Chanin. It's the only one I actually know about first-hand, and I know it by accident — because it's a big part of who they are, and because they told me — not because I looked it up.

  • Sustainable
  • Local
  • Traceable
  • Origins

Of course I care, but I don't always have the time or inclination to do the research, find a comparable alternative that meets all the "requirements."

We could be talking about food.

Sometimes I have the time and budget to shop, compare, and prepare a wonderful meal with locally grown, pastured, grass-fed whatever, and sometimes a Big Mac will do.

Sometimes I have the time and budget to shop, compare, and sew or knit a beautiful garment with organic cotton or wool, and sometimes a trip to Target will do.

I have become much more aware of all of this in recent years and I know that I'm better. I haven't had a Big Mac in years. And I'm much more particular about what I buy at Target (in all departments).

Because of the many Slow Fashion October conversations, my awareness continues to grow and I will continue to learn. I'm interested. Karen has a great round-up post today with lots of links that I am making my way through.

* * * * *

But here's the bottom line for me and what I love about making things.



Junah is wearing a Wonderful Wallaby that I originally knit for my nephew Mack in 2007 and that was also worn by Addison. It certainly has enough "life" for many more! Nothing beats quality materials (Mission Falls 1824 Cotton… I miss you!) and love!

See you Sunday for NaBloPoMo kick off! Are you ready??

5 thoughts on “Slow Fashion Week 5: Known

  1. You do a great job of reusing, recycling, and reducing your impact when it comes to clothing, certainly better than most people I know, certainly more than me. I wear the same things over and over and over and I like to think keeping a small wardrobe is my contribution to sustainable. The sweater fits Junah perfectly and look at you in Sharon’s sweater. You embody sustainable!

  2. I really enjoyed Slow Fashion October – hope to participate next year, so thank you for the inspiration. And that sweater… really inspires me. LOVE that it’s on little #3 and still going strong.

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