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I lied.

I wore sandals to Milwaukee on Saturday, and I'm wearing them again today. The temp is supposed to be 55F!


My cousin Rae is member of a group called Craft Cult and I received an invitation a few weeks ago to the Craft Cult Annual Art & Craft Sale on Nov. 8th at Art & Soul Gallery. I've been aware of this sale in previous years, but usually with not much notice. This year, realizing that it was also on my birthday weekend, I had plenty of time to make it an event!

It was a quick one — just overnight on Saturday — but so fun!


SW corner of the building, 5th floor, lots of light!! Fantastic kitchen!

After my walk on Saturday morning, my sister Ann and I headed south! Our Airbnb loft was located in the Walker's Point area. We found it and then headed down the street to Zak's Cafe for lunch, contacting our hosts on the way and giving them a little notice.

On the way back  to the loft we stopped in at Indulgence Chocolatiers and picked up a few truffles for later. We stuck our noses in at Purple Door Ice Cream, too.


My bedroom… and the view. Photos taken on Sunday morning, after we'd already "moved in"!

Karen wasn't expected until a little bit later, and a little shopping was on all of our lists, so we decided to meet up at the mall. Yeah… on a Saturday afternoon.

The good news is, we all found what we were looking for! I was happy to come across a new Hanna Andersson store and bought a few things for Junebug that I know he'll wear and wear and wear. I had a brief thought about saving them for Christmas, but why?? 'Tis the season (any minute now) for cozy long johns!


We had a wonderful dinner out at Morel on Saturday night. I had quite a list of possibilities, but we settled on this one and I'm so glad we did. We didn't make reservations, but there was room at the bar and we didn't mind that… fun and casual. We shared a Charcuterie Board; we all had the Beet, Radish, Smoked Carrot, Chevre, Arugula, Pine Nut Salad (ordered at three separate times, but arriving all at once… that's great service & a great kitchen); Karen had Lamb Ragout, Annie had Ham Hock, and I had Rainbow Trout; and we shared a little Chocolate Mousse for dessert… because was also stopped off at the Purple Door on the way home!


On Sunday morning, after breakfast at Zak's, we packed up and head out of town, stopping at Rae's event on the way. Her husband Michael was spinning records*, and other members of the cult — wow, there was some great sewing, jewelry, paper goods! Rae's a fantastic knitter, and she made both the hat that Junah modeled yesterday and another little item that I picked up for him… that I am saving for Christmas (as hard as that is!). Yes, I'm a knitter; yes, I could make those things myself… but I know that I won't!


I found some great earrings for myself.


And we had fun visit with Rae!! I'll be heading back down to Milwaukee again to a) give the cult an introduction to Alabama Chanin, and b) to possibly host an Alabama Chanin party/start a sewing circle with my sisters, cousins, and friends.

*As I passed by at one point, I overheard Michael talking to a young girl (and by that, I mean at least mid-20s), saying, "…and the larger space between the grooves is a pause between songs."

6 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. Now that is an excellent birthday weekend! I love those earrings, that you’re introducing the Craft Cult to AC (and you are just the one to provide a wonderful introduction!), and possibly starting your own Chanin Cult!

  2. Just in the last several months have I felt vindicated for my complaints that iPod music isn’t that great in the sound department. I learned how stunned ‘kids’ such as you described are amazed at how good vinyl sounds. Meanwhile, it sounds like you made out pretty well on the old birthday celebration. How fun!

  3. The earrings are perfect for you and it sounds like your birthday was well celebrated! There is no one better to introduce a whole new group of people to AC. Hopefully, you’ll have as much effect on them as you did on me. It would be so much fun to have an AC group!
    We have a local radio personality who says “Vinyl is Vytal”.

  4. Now THAT sounds like the most perfect birthday weekend! What a great time! I’d love to join your Alabama Chanin circle! (If only I could do an “as the crow flies” thing and pop over the lake. . . ) My son is totally into “vinyl.” (He goes through our extensive collection of albums every time he comes home . . . We’ve only allowed him to “steal” a few. . . )

  5. what a great way to celebrate! good food, friends, and handmade finery. (you know, this next generation isn’t even going to know about CDs…)

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