NaBloPoMo 2015

FO: Tsuwano


By the time I finished with the actual knitting — in the spring — there was no need to wear a scarf or cowl!


It took all summer and the eventual return of cooler weather to find the motivation to sew on six buttons!


I did that at Knit Night about a month ago, and it's been my go-to neck-warmer!


I wear it looped once… or twice; buttoned up… or not all the way.

The stitch pattern is wonderful — lots of texture and interest but quite simple to execute. And I love the color!

7 thoughts on “FO: Tsuwano

  1. What a fabulous color – especially on you. I love the texture and all the different options for wearing it. and I think it was worth the six month wait for those buttons – they totally make the piece!

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