NaBloPoMo 2015


The weather was crappy last night and I had a daughter arriving home from her Paris/Berlin/Edinburgh trip, so I went to the airport early and did laps through the terminal. The airport in Green Bay is TINY, so I did lots of laps… not enough to raise any eyebrows, though. I had my ID with me and my walking app running on my phone, just in case someone reported me for suspicious behavior!


Today was all errands and running around! Chiropractor, dentist, pick ups & deliveries… but I took time for a meet up and a nice lunch with Kate. There is much catching up to do! The weather is mild in temperature but quite windy today and there's been some rain (it was quite dreary at one point), but I took advantage of a late-afternoon break to walk down and deliver my electric bill… that's only around 500 yards away as the crow flies, too, but I took the long way, of course!


And now it's time for tea!

4 thoughts on “Walking…

  1. I think using the airport for your walking loop is clever! I’ve been struggling to find places well-lit by street lamps, and have been wearing a completely non-flattering reflective vest and carrying a flashlight to make myself a bit more visible in the dark. The important thing is to keep going!

  2. Your sky is amazing! We have had nothing but gray for the last few days, but this afternoon we had rain shine! Fortunately, I can walk out my back door and around the condo loop twice which makes a mile. It’s well lit and safe, which means there is no excuse (other than ice, as you said).

  3. I think sneaking in little bits of walking here and there is the key to getting some movement in every day. I was able to get out for a 30 minute walk yesterday. Hooray! Love your airport photo.

  4. It’s hard to get out and walk in crappy weather. (That’s always my biggest problem with dog-walking. They don’t care. But I do.) Good for you for finding alternatives — and for keeping up with the . . . stepping out!

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