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Ten on Tuesday: Hangin’

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Places I Hang Out

1. – HOME. Truly, there's no place I'd rather be. Whether the house is full or I'm home alone, it's where I'm happiest.


2. – IN THE KITCHEN. We hang out in the kitchen a lot. I like to cook, and eat, and it's Command Central.


3. – IN MY WORKROOM. I love being in here. It's getting to need a good cleaning out, as it's sort of the catch-all, too, whenever something needs to be stashed or is on hold for whatever reason. I'm so happy to have a place for all most of my stuff and for that fabulous work table.

4. – IN MY CHAIR (LIVING ROOM). This is where I spend many an evening, knitting or sewing, watching TV or a movie.


5. – OUTSIDE (YARD, PERGOLA, FRONT PORCH). In the milder months, obvs.

6. – AT KC&T. I stop every morning on my way to work. Usually, I just get an iced tea; sometimes (when the fridge at home is bare), I need something for lunch. Two or three times a month, I meet up with friends for Knit Night.


7. – AT MOM'S. I don't hang out at Mom's as much as I used to and, of course, things are a lot different now, but it's still one of my favorite places to be.

8. – ON A PLANE…

9. – IN A CAR…



10. – WHEREVER MY PEEPS ARE! Wisconsin, California, North Carolina, New York, Michigan, Vegas, Brazil, Mexico, Scotland, England, Wales… who knows where I'll end up hanging out next! Because second only to HOME, my favorite place to hang out is with my family and friends… wherever they are!

7 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: Hangin’

  1. A coffeeshop like KC&T would be heaven, especially if WE could meet up there to knit or sew! I need to copy your idea of a workroom into my fiber/guest room. Maybe I’d get more accomplished!

  2. Home is the best, and I love how we all seem to have our favorite chair. What a great list of hangouts you have – the perfect mixture of home, away, everyday, and exotic!

  3. It is so nice that you have a workroom! My oldest is getting married next spring so will be moving out. I have grand dreams that his room will become my creative space 🙂

  4. I’m with you on #1 for sure. It’s my favorite place to be too. Let me know next time you come to NC, if your not far maybe we could meet up. 🙂

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