NaBloPoMo 2015 · Weekending



I spent much of Saturday in my work room — basting armholes & necklines on both garments, sewing & felling seams and finishing edges on the vest; there's more of all the above yet to do! Every once in a while I consider using the sewing machine…

Rusty & I took a walk after the football game yesterday in search of another geocache (his first). The first one we searched for is in the area of the river, above, but we couldn't find it (we think we know where it is but need to wait for less water). We easily located another that was nearby, and also stopped by my first "find" so I could write in the log (I brought a pencil with me).

I'm still working on Week 9 of my Scoreboard KAL Cowl… those predominantly yellow weeks (losses) are hard to take, and that was an especially high-scoring game! Yesterday's was awful, too, though at least only 34 total points/rows vs. 66! I don't know what happened during the Week 7 BYE; every game before it was a win, every game since has been a loss. Boo.

My other KAL, A March Through Time, is right on track! I love it so far and can't wait to start on the new section released today!

6 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. Well you can’t say that my Lions didn’t try to give you guys the game. I told my husband it was like both teams were saying “we don’t want the win your take it” / “no we don’t want it you take it”.

  2. I’m a week behind on the March through Time cowl but hope to catch up this week. Your scoreboard is great but sorry about all that yellow!

  3. You accomplished so much in just two days time. I am behind on my cowl and will likely stay behind, but I was doing well on the walking part until today. That north wind was just a little too much!

  4. MILKWEED!!! I’m sorry about your cowl… one of my Sunday knitting buddies filled me in on the last few games and I was glad that at least it was fewer rows this week. Here’s to a little more fall-like weather. and more points – but only if they’re green!

  5. Still haven’t started the actual cowl for the KAL (I’ve been walking, though!) — but I’m hoping to do so today. Sorry about the football thing (I don’t follow. . . ) Love the milkweed. 🙂

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