NaBloPoMo 2015

Yesterday’s walk


On the way home from the coffee shop yesterday, I walked through the newest park in town, "Hydro Park,"which was funded by our local utility and is sort of an extension of a huge (couple of years long) renovation to the power plant & canal.

There are two large areas in the park with information kiosks (I have to figure out how to use those… are they on all the time?). And both areas have boardwalk designs that mimic the river, and show the location of each lock and dam. It's pretty cool. Someday, that lock system might again be operational; containment of invasive/predatory species of fish are currently making raising questions.

My only complaint about the park — and the whole area, really, because the farmers market is held right across the road and is sort of a lesser extension — is the lack of nice, permanent public facilities. There's a porta-potty for use during the farmer market… but ick. It could be so much better. And if the city wants people to hold nice events in the park…

I really need to write a letter…


I returned home the back way… through the ravine, up the hill, up the stairs. No matter the direction, it's always uphill! I still love the yellow door on the garage!

11 thoughts on “Yesterday’s walk

  1. What an interesting park! They seemed to put so much into the curved walkways and the park itself, I’m surprised they didn’t spend a bit less in other areas and put in some better facilities. They’re necessities; kiosks could have waited. Your yellow door is a lovely beacon!

  2. Are the waiting for more funding to pay for the facilities. Maybe a letter writing campaign! Funding for the trail along our local river is always in dispute. It could be so lovely and oft used if the people in charge weren’t so, well, political.

  3. what a great view of your house – love love love the colors peeking through those bare branches! your bit about the way always being uphill made me smile. and yeah, you need to write that letter!

  4. Uphill is good for you, at least! Love that board walk and I think you definitely should write that letter. And maybe get some friends to send letters as well.

  5. I LOVE the photo of the curvy path. How symbolic of life; towards a destination but the path isn’t always straight. Way to go with the walking.

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