NaBloPoMo 2015 · Saturday-ish Sky


I've been to the butcher and the grocer this morning, and dinner is in the crockpot (it's Cheater Slow Cooker Pork Stew from Nom Nom Paleo, and I will definitely let you know!) (It's been mere minutes and already… mmm!)

There's also a fresh batch of kombucha in the works. There'll be a post about that endeavour before the end of the month!

I'm going to get my walk in now, heading up to the coffee shop this morning (Rusty's having his Fall Art Show & Sale today).

When I get back, I'll be working on this:


Originally thinking that it would be one two-layer piece, it is instead going to be two one-layer pieces. The possibilities are truly endless! They are both going to be simple, basic layering pieces. I'll let you know how that works out, too. Heh.

There was still a bit of light and subtle color in the clouds & sky last night as I left work.


But it's the people in the area of this sky that I can't stop thinking about today.


It was two weeks ago today that I took Kate to the airport… bound for Paris. She and her friends had a great time, including birthday celebrations (x2), and the weather was surprisingly beautiful making Paris an extra-gorgeous place to be! After a bit, they all headed to Berlin for another few days, and then to Edinburgh. I am relieved that Kate is there now; still, anxious for her return home on Tuesday.

7 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. I had forgotten that Kate was recently in Paris. The situation there is horrific and terrible, and even more so when there are personal connections and all you want is your family safe at home. I hope your AC sewing makes Sunday and Monday fly by until Kate’s return on Tuesday.

  2. Such a scary thing to think about Katie being there so recently. I know all of our hearts are heavy, I hope you are finding peace and contentment today despite the things going on in the world around us.

  3. so much beauty, love and loss wrapped up in that last image…thank you for letting us know that Katie was in Edinburgh. Look forward to hearing of her return, safe and sound.

  4. Kate’s feelings about Paris must be especially heartrending. You always have something new and wonderful up your sleeve and I’m excited to see what’s next in your AC adventure.

  5. I’m so glad that Kate wasn’t in Paris. I’ve been worried about her since I heard about the attacks on Friday. It’s a horrible thing.

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