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Can you believe this little guy is TWO today??

Happy Birthday Junebean!!


Family & friends got together at the bowling alley for a little birthday celebration on Sunday. Did you know that lanes these days have programmable "bumpers" that go up and down automatically depending on each particular bowler's preference? Also, there are little ramps to use if a bowler is unable to lift and swing a ball? Just aim and send the ball on its way!


Junah enjoyed watching other bowlers, and was really interested in bowling himself for about 5 or 6 frames (he was playing a game — WINNING — with Mack &  Addy), but with no real concept of the game he was, of course, soon distracted by other things… going up & down the stairs, eating cake, opening presents, and watching the ball return!!


Ten on Tuesday:  10 Favorite David Bowie Songs

Bowie Is

While I would never be described as a big "fan" of David Bowie, I was certainly always interested and aware! I was shocked and saddened yesterday to read of his death. There's absolutely no denying that he was an amazing creative influence in the world and that the world just wouldn't be the same without him. It was a little over a year since Katie & I saw the DAVID BOWIE IS exhibition in Chicago, and I'm so glad we did.

In lieu of my 10 favorite songs, I share David Bowie's 10 Biggest Hits – some great videos there, as well as "5 Things You Might Not Know About David Bowie"! RIP.

12 thoughts on “Two!!

  1. Happy Birthday to your little Man – he is beyond adorable…and thanks for the link to the Bowie info….he truly was a chameleon

  2. Wishing a very Happy Birthday to the coolest two-year old ever! I love the photo of Junah eating cake; I had no idea they made bowling shoes or Pink Floyd shirts that small! I’m looking forward to many more adorable photos of that adorable boy.

  3. Oh my! Junah had quite the birthday celebration (as did all of you)! He looks SO 2 with his mouth stuffed full of cake. And the shoes!

  4. Oh, the little June-ster in his little bowling shoes. So much adorableness! I haven’t been bowling in years (maybe even decades. . . ), but it sure sounds family-friendly! (I would be one of the bowlers that would benefit from the bumpers.) Great Bowie links, too.

  5. This has nothing to do with this post, but how is your Stowe Bag coming along? I just ordered this pattern from Hawthorne Threads. I’m thinking about making it with gray Essex Linen and either pink or gold bias tape. I don’t have much experience with bias tape, so I’m feeling a little bit intimidated right now.

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