Right Now...

Right Now

Knitting: There has been precious little knitting of late, and it's been pretty mindless.

I am occasionally picking up my second inner Dimorphous Mitten, and suspect that I'll finish that set by spring. Naturally.

The Scoreboard KAL has also been picked up on occasion, as well. I feel no urgency with that project, but definitely plan to finish before long.

DNA results have proven that there is no lemming in my lineage, so I am not Banging Out A Sweater, but truthfully, I am a lemming, so that has more to do with the pattern (knitting in the round and/or intarsia), and the fact that I already have innumerable sweaters in various stages of "banging out." I've entertained thoughts about working on one or two of them instead!

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Sewing: There are a number of Alabama Chanin -ish projects in various stages, soon to be joined by another! My sister and I are ordering skirt kits that we'll work as part of a group. Annie has never done any AC-style sewing, so I'm welcoming her into the coven and preparing some of my AC stenciled fat eighths for practice when she's here next weekend.

Listening to: Dan Zanes with Junah; we especially love "Bushel and A Peck," a song that my mother sang to every single one of her grandchildren!

Reading: I just finished The Jesus Cow and immediately picked up The Illustrated Herdwick Shepherd, which Katie gave me for my birthday, and which I am, so far, enjoying immensely! Incredible location, photos, sheep, humor… all good.

I recently finished my first audio book, Composed by Rosanne Cash (thank you, Margene, for the suggestion), and am currently awaiting Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain on my Overdrive app. Audiobooks have been a struggle for me, but beginning by listening to familiar voices reading their own stories seems to be a great way to start!

Watching: Outlander! On DVD. Finally.

Thinking about: An upcoming 3-day weekend in Chicago with my girls! All three!!

Planning: Oregon Coast get-away. I'll meet up with Rusty in No Cal and we'll drive up the Oregon coast, staying at a couple of Airbnb places — one near Florence, where his dad is hoping to get something going, and one with a great view of Cape Kiwanda near Pacific City (where we got married 31 years ago) — and visiting friends! We'll also be visiting my dad, and eventually making our way up to Portland where I'll catch a flight back home. I haven't been there in years (almost 25, to be exact) and am looking forward to it… more as time draws near, and more than I really expected.


Remembering: Mum. Her birthday is today; she'd be 78.  This is one of my favorite photos of her — 4th grade. Her whole face is electric, like she's going to burst out in giggles any second, or can't wait to get out on the playground with her friends (probably both)! This was just before "Cyril," who sat behind her in class, cut off one of her braids. I remember her telling me how she'd go into Grandma's bedroom every morning to have her braids done, and how upset Grandma was with Cyril. And, oh, that gap in her teeth — it wasn't fixed 'til she got braces when she was in her 40s — so incredible at the time for an adult to get braces! XOXOX. I miss you everyday Mom.

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  1. The photo of your mom is great and your description of it is even better. I think finishing one of your sweaters in progress sounds like an excellent idea. The reason I am going to bang out a sweater is because I don’t actually have any sweaters on the needles AND if I start this now I should have a new sweater to wear to SPA at the end of the month. I like the idea of knit, knit, knit and just GET IT DONE. You know? A weekend with all 3 of your daughters sounds fabulous and so does your trip with Rusty.

  2. A trip with all three girls, one with Rusty, and AC-ing with your sister all sound like wonderful things to look forward to. I especially love the photo of your Mom and her braid story. My grandmother had her own Cyril (I think his name was Virgil) who used to dip her pigtails in the inkwell. Not good, but certainly not as bad as cutting one of her braids off!

  3. I love the photo of your mom! And, I laughed at your description of welcoming your sister to the AC Coven! I have managed to avoid that worm hole, but alas – I am lemming it up with the rest of the crazed knitters! My goal – done by Friday, insane I know.
    Hope your weekend away is fantastic and your trip with Rusty even more so!

  4. This post is so full of really great news! Vicki, always going, always, doing, always something new in the craft bag–so much fun to watch! I, too will be banging out my own already-in-progress sweater. Your trips sound perfectly you, perfectly planned, and full of family all along the way. How fun to have Annie to share your love of AC. Every day I wish I could sit with you and work our AC magic together. Your mom has so much joy in her face and it’s easy to see how she grew to be a beauty.

  5. My granddad sang “A Bushel and A Peck” to me. The first time I saw “Guys and Dolls,” probably in my 40’s, I nearly cried when they did that song because I had always thought that he made it up just for his favorite granddaughter.

  6. Oh my, I can imagine the reaction when ‘Cyril’ performed that dastardly act, back in the day when children were actually punished for bad behavior. My mom had her own braids cut off rather unceremoniously. Her mother was in the hospital for several days and on about day 3 her dad decided he just couldn’t manage braiding her hair each morning and cut them off. She was plenty upset, as were her two older sisters who cried because they would have braided Mom’s hair if they had realized the problem. It just never occurred to any of the sisters that dad’s couldn’t do that, too. Isn’t it fun to look at pictures of our parents when they were younger than we knew or can remember?

  7. So many exciting things going on, Vicki! 🙂 I DID jump on the bangingoutasweater bandwagon (because Lemming), but I really, really thought about banging out the (damn) sweater I’ve been poking along on for months already. (And I’m really close to the end of it; a little banging out would finish the sucker.) Oh, well.
    I have a very similar photo of my Mom at age 10 — same pose; same tooth-gap!

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