Weekending: In no particular order

I walked to the library on Saturday morning to pick up the latest addition to my Reading list: Mink River. This book has garnered lots of stars on Goodreads by some of my favorite readers; and since I've lived at (and will again soon be visiting) the Oregon Coast, it seemed like the perfect read right now.

Junah came over to delight and entertain for a while. The "words" are absolutely nonstop. He loves to flop/fall — on a beanbag, on a chair, on the floor — while saying, "Ohhh noooooo!" Hilarious. I could watch him for hours. Oh, that's right, I do!!

Kate & I went to see Brooklyn. Loved it! That brings the list of Best Picture noms that I've seen to half, joining Mad Max: Fury Road, The Martian, and Spotlight. Unseen are The Big Short, Bridge of Spies, The Revenant, and Room — and it's not likely that'll happen by Oscar night. I could catch two of those on Day 2 of the Best Picture Festival (I'll be in Chicago for Day 1), but I'll be okay if I don't.

I watched a quilting video by Anna Maria Horner on Creativebug.


And I cut out a bunch of 4" and 4.5" squares for a quilt. I'd run across some fat quarters that I'd purchased recently and/or some time ago and used them as the basis for my color selection, then raided/scrounged through my meager fabric stash for the rest!

Another quilt was definitely not on my radar! I must need to prove to myself that the first effort wasn't a fluke. Heh.

(It probably won't surprise anyone to know that I've had a strip quilt cut and ready to go for years.)


I did some more cooking. Last night it was Caprese Turkey Burgers & Sweet Potato Wedge Fries. That's the third recipe in a week that we've made from Sheet Pan Suppers.

I've had this cookbook for a while. Unimpressed with the first recipe I tried (I don't even recall which one), it was shelved for a while. Last week, Kate suggested we give it a go, and all three dishes (see Friday's post for Jerome's Chicken and Turkey Meatballs & Slow-roasted Tomatoes) have been really good. Prep is pretty straight forward, not requiring an in ordinate number of bowls & utensils, and clean up (foil- or parchment-lined pans) is a breeze!

Sheet pan cooking is not an exact science, though, as ovens can be fickle, so I'm learning some things for next time/my oven: a) if it doesn't seem like enough chicken, then use more; 2) a little oil might keep meatballs from sticking; 3) pay attention to oven rack location; and 4) turn, turn, turn!

The weather was very mild, but a looming storm was on everyone's mind. It's so sunny and warm right now, it's really hard to believe that there's a blizzard and 6-12" of snow on the way!

7 thoughts on “Weekending: In no particular order

  1. Bridge of Spies comes out on DVD tomorrow, that should make that one easier to see. I loved Room and The Big Short, I’d have gladly skipped The Revenant. I hope you love Mink River as much as I did!

  2. I think the language acquisition stage in kids is one of the best times! They can finally communicate, and it’s truly incredible (and entertaining!) how much they are listening, soaking up, and practicing. I’m sure your first quilt was no fluke, and the second will also be wonderful. Stay safe and warm; I hope you’re closer to the 6″ side of the storm!

  3. Having caught a little quilting bug myself, I’ll be rooting for your second, clearly not a fluke, quilt.

  4. I LOVE Sheet Pan Suppers! Although there are a few clunkers in there, most of the recipes are excellent — and have earned a spot in my “favorites.” I am loving watching the videos of Junah. He is a delight! Glad you got hold of Mink River (AND the quilt!!!!) before the big snow arrives. XO

  5. (Oooh nooooo! I can’t help but think of Mr. Bill.) Junah has me laughing out loud when you share videos of him on social media. It’s likely the first quilt gave you the bug to make more, as is what happens with many crafts. It’s what we do! Enjoy Mink River. It is one of my favorites and was a great listen, too.

  6. I’ve seen that Sheet Pan Suppers book mentioned several times & am intrigued. Looks & sounds like tasty eats coming out of the oven these days. Hope you’re able to enjoy some “snow day R&R” with the storm headed your way. 🙂 I started reading “Truck: A Love Story” last nite – picked it up on a Kindle deal after following links about the book/author from your earlier post.

  7. It started snowing here about noon Tuesday. When I drove into town to work a shift at the library at 2, it was nearly white-out conditions. The wind started blowing about 3, and there have been almost no patrons here at the library — even though the kids got out of school early b/c of the snow.

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