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Right now: ??


Anticipating… Rites of Spring Fiber Frolic - a tour of yarn shops, fiber farms, coffee shops & cafes in NE Wisconsin. Make.Do and KC&T are on the map!


It'll be a fun few days… lambs, yarn, trunk shows, classes, tons of door prizes! And it could be even more fun & exciting with BFF's daughter's bridal shower and a new grandbaby's due date in the mix!! We'll see how it goes…

Celebrating… April Birthdays!!!

Drinking… G&T, the occasional IPA — so many to choose from these days!

Eating… I've reinstated my subscription to Plated, and was sent an invitation to try Blue Apron, so have had a few deliveries lately and a lot of fun cooking — samosas, chicken, salmon, meatballs, catfish. Yum.

Enjoying… finally, some summer-like weather!

Wearing… Sandals. Yay!


Itching… to PLAY WITH ALL THIS FABRIC. At the end of January, a "friend" from Utah shared an ad on FB by someone out there who was selling many yards of Alabama Chanin cotton jersey. My "friend" was even willing to pick it up and ship it to me. It was all just too good to pass up, so arrangements made, money transferred, parcels packed and posted, and voila! I have a ton more fabric to play with — quite a few colors, many that I'd likely never order (minimums) but I'm happy to have/see/play with in person. My little color swatch cards are great, but there's a huge difference when you actually have enough fabric to hold and squeeze and see in so many more ways.


Sewing… my Alabama Chanin skirt. I'm closing in on the quilting of the third panel. I am considering starting the fourth right away and possibly not cutting those two pieces (which would be the back of the skirt) — at least not right away. I don't know… it's been a design-as-you-go project from Day 1, subject to whim!

Knitting… because of the concentrated effort on sewing, the knitting has stalled. (Where has all the free time gone?)

  • LOLA is underway, and I'm looking forward to getting back to it. In the meantime, digging through a bin of WIPs (a small bin), I discovered that I've had more of the Tsumugi silk all along, in the exact colorway!
  • Romi's Mystery Shawl is also underway, but late one night I pulled the needle out of a few stitches at the end of a row and I haven't yet returned.
  • I never got started on the Healthy Knitter KAL.

Listening… to The Golem and The Jinni. I had borrowed it on Overdrive, but holy cow it's a long book! The reading is lovely, but quite slow… combined with not a lot of listening time, I was barely past the quarter-mark when it was due! I even sped it up a bit. I was unable to renew it right away, so had to put it on hold again… not a fan of this aspect of Overdrive! I recently signed up for Audible, though, and used this month's credit for that book, so I should be safe. (I've still sped up the reading just a tad, even though I now have all the time in the world.)

Reading… The Whole Fromage. The author is a native of Wisconsin… so knows a little bit about cheese! I'd given this book to my mother a few years ago, but I don't think she ever read it.

Needing… to CLEAN UP & ORGANIZE! I know I say it at least once or twice a year: MY WORKROOM IS A DISASTER! It is worse than ever and I can't even imagine when I'm going to get to it. (Where has all the free time gone?)

Planning… June. Three weddings, three weekends in a row! And the start of our Farmer Market season (which, given new baby & etc., may take a June hiatus).

Watching… On deck: Shetland S1 and S2!


Wondering… Whether I'll have reason to use any of these patterns in the next few years. A couple were my 😉

Shocked… To open my browser this afternoon, only to be confronted with the news of Prince's death. RIP. Man… what a year, too many gone.

6 thoughts on “Right now: ??

  1. You’ve got a ton of great stuff going on Right Now, but that skirt is especially breathtaking! And all of that fabric! I’ve also been wondering where all my free time went, but I think a lot of it is going towards gardening and time spent outside.
    Also, I’m not sure how you listen to and/or read books borrowed via Overdrive, but I almost always borrow MP3 versions if they’re available and download them to my ipod. Once they’re on my ipod it seems I can take as long to listen as I need to; they aren’t removed from my ipod until I do it manually. I can also set my lending period for OD books for anywhere from 7-21 days if I want a slightly longer time; YMMV with your library. I do love Audible!

  2. When I gave in and committed to Audible I have never looked back! you’ve got so many good things going on Vicki…can’t wait to hear about that new baby!

  3. You really scored with that fabric lot – wow! That new grandbaby is already due to make an appearance? That went fast but probably not for the mom to be! Lots of exciting stuff going on for you, Vicki.

  4. A friend in Utah? That is so cool you were able to get the AC fabric, because you’re the person who will use it. LOVE the skirt. Also, LOVE my Audible account. I went full bore and bought 24 credits a year. The price per book is very good and I always have a book in my ear. Your summer like weather has been slow coming. We’re in that perfect part of spring when everything is blooming. The scent of lilacs has been on the breeze today…so heady! You have one busy month/summer ahead! Here’s to the summer of joy!

  5. these are my favorite posts … what a wonderful catch-up! so much good stuff going on in your world, and I’m sure Spring makes it all that much better. Can’t wait to see what you create with that fabric, but just looking at all those piles of COLOR makes me smile. as does another Audible convert. You’re gonna love it!

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