Eye Candy Friday… it is Friday, right?

I have to keep reminding myself what day it is!

First, I was in a "Fiber Frolic" bubble from Friday-Sunday last week.


It was a fabulous weekend with lots of new visitors to the shop! I had a new sign made for the window — it's hanging in the window, instead of applied to it, because that all may yet be re-done!


Then this happened on Monday. Tuesday & Wednesday was a wonderful blur of baby-toddler-daughters-family.

I went back to work yesterday… Thursday. Which makes today FRIDAY!!


I wasn't sure I'd make my self-imposed deadline of Saturday night for the finish of this skirt, but after excellent progress yesterday at Make & Do Night, as well as stitching a bit into the evening at home… She's going to make it after all!

There's about 4" of a seam yet to be felled, then application of  fold-over elastic to finish the waist… and DONE!

We have tickets to tomorrow night's Rosanne Cash concert, and it's a reasonable bet that she'll be sporting some Alabama Chanin, too.

Also, HOLY COW, do I love that skirt?!! All the construction & finishing details in a post next week, for sure.

_ _ _ _ _

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9 thoughts on “Eye Candy Friday… it is Friday, right?

  1. A wonderful week and a gorgeous baby and a gorgeous skirt! You’ve earned it all. Enjoy the concert- be sure to post pix of you wearing the skirt.

  2. I don’t think there could be a better week! Virginia Frances is looking very content, and your skirt is stunning. I’m looking forward to construction and finishing details along with some modeled shots. Oh, and more of that sweet granddaughter of yours!

  3. What a fantastic week you had! I think wearing that skirt to see Rosanne Cash is perfectly awesome. Have a fabulous time!

  4. No wonder you forgot what day it was! What a perfectly wonderful blurrrrr of a week! Can’t wait to see the skirt on you! Enjoy Roseanne. XO

  5. Wow! I am so impressed with your lovely skirt and cannot wait to read all the details. Your grandchild looks so sweet – congratulations!

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