22 thoughts on “It’s a girl!!

  1. Congrats to you and your family. I just delivered our third on 4/29–a boy. The newborn hazy days are here!

  2. Virginia Frances is absolutely wonderful, just like her name. It looks like she comes from a long line of strong, beautiful women. Congratulations and much love, health, and happiness to all!

  3. Congrats on the beautiful addition….love the name….do I see Pink knitting in your future?

  4. She is just perfect and that sweet face just melts your heart. All the very best wishes to your whole family, Vicki! You must be completely over the moon!!! I see a resemblance to Junah!

  5. She is beautiful and I’m so happy she is here, healthy and loved. That’s a beautiful picture of Ali with her brand new daughter.

  6. Oh, she’s just beautiful Vicki! Congratulations to you and your family!

  7. Congratulations to you, Ali, and your family – this new addition is just spectacular!! Gorgeous picture of Ali and Virginia!

  8. congratulations Vicki! and please pass along my best wishes to Ali and give that adorable little Virginia a kiss for me.

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