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On Wednesday at Match Factory:




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It’s so interesting to watch that video in near silence after having originally experienced it with musical accompaniment. I love how you can see Kate bopping to the beat once or twice.

And, seriously, if you haven’t watched the video from Robert Fraher’s residency at Standard Projects last year, please do. It’s not set up for mobile, so you’ll have to be at a computer, and it takes a few minutes to download all the files… but so worth it.

Also, the featured film, Sign Painters, was great! Funny, beautiful, informative, a little melancholy…


More sky: Westward toward Hortonville on Wednesday evening (peaceful).


There was a bit of MacGyver knitting at work yesterday while getting a few rows of my TTL Mystery Shawl in over lunch… guess what wasn’t in my knitting bag??


Last night I hung out with the kids for a while. Jün is a blur these days — I don’t know how many times we went around the block, each time riding/pushing/toting a different wheeled toy, and once in the stroller (you should see him glide on the Strider!) — so you get a photo of sleepyhead Gin.

I’m off to a wedding this afternoon! It’s the first of three-in-a-row.

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  1. He makes juggling look so easy, and there are even moments when it looks like he’s got three hands! My sil juggles, after having taught herself with rolls of medical tape during slow moments in the ER. She says it’s easy once you practice enough to develop muscle memory but I don’t believe it for a second! Gin is even sweeter than the usual sleeping baby!

  2. I have enjoyed your videos on Facebook or Instagram. They’re all so creative, fun, and unique. Ginnie. SO adorable. Junah is going to keep.you.hopping!

  3. I loved the video and have watched it multiple times – so much to see! It looks like you had great fun at the event! And, that Gin – so, so, so sweet!

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