Weekending: Love & Marriage & Family, Food & Music & Dancing

I spent a blissful weekend celebrating love and marriage, kids and grandkids, enjoying food and music and dancing.

First comes love and marriage (and dancing)!


My niece was the photographer!

We attended a beautiful lake-side wedding celebration at the Heidel House Resort & Spa in Green Lake on Friday afternoon. The daughter of long-time friends (and my current employers), there were plenty of old friends & familiar family members with which to visit & party! We had a great time… and DANCING! Even though I rolled on my left ankle real good on the path to the ceremony, and it was swollen and sore, I can't remember the last time I danced so much… because dancing is not like walking! (It's getting a little better everyday.)

Then come kids & grandkids!


Saturday was a Gin day! Her mom & pop were working at the 2nd Electric City Experience music festival in our little city. She's still a little sleepyhead, but was awake plenty… and starting to engage. There's eye contact, cooing back and forth, and the occasional 1/8th of a smile… she's 6 weeks old today!

And Food & Music!


We walked down to meet Ali when she was finished, grabbed some food & beverage, and listened to some tunes.


It was hot as blazes all day long, so quite welcome to see the sun go down. At dark, for the first time in many years, there was a fireworks show! I was already in my PJs, but slipped on some yoga pants and walked to the end of my block where I had a good-enough view.

I had a quick fly-by hug with Annie & Addison on Saturday. They were in the area for soccer again, but heading right back home for Mack's 11th (and therefore GOLDEN) birthday party!!

On Sunday, I took Jün for a little while.




Oh, there's milk on my chin? Let me show you how I do that.




Fantastic garden helper & waterer extraordinaire!

Later on Sunday, we had beverages out on the pergola and split up some planters full of succulents.


Also evidence of my overdue first pedi of the season!


It's difficult to process the horrors of the weekend after spending so much of it in a snuggly warm baby bubble: the nonsensical attack and murder of Christina Grimmie in Orlando, and the incomprehensible and horrific mass shooting that happened later. Truth is, they may never be "processed," and shouldn't be… you, me, we shouldn't have to.


Kitty says: Be fierce in love. #loveisloveisloveislove

6 thoughts on “Weekending: Love & Marriage & Family, Food & Music & Dancing

  1. I LOVE Jün’s stripe study and so wish I had a cutie like him to help water my garden! Parcheesi may be my favorite knitted piece ever, and it’s even lovelier with a sweet sleeping Gin. Kitty speaks the truth.

  2. what a beautiful recap! we all need to hold on tight to love and hugs and grandbaby sweetness 🙂 I can’t get over how much older Jün looks with his hair cut. quite the young heartthrob … and a great big brother for that sweet little Gin.

  3. Kitty speaks truth! Love is love is love. . .
    What a perfect weekend! My favorites? Gin’s cheeks (oh. my. god. the cuteness) and Junah’s haircut (plus the watering skillz) (AND the stripes). Fill yourself up on all the goodness, Vicki. And let’s keep speaking truth. XO

  4. There is more love in the world that there is hate. We must always keep it in our hearts even when our hearts are shattered by horror and sadness. The little ones in your post remind us the world is still a beautiful place and love will win. It has to. Truth is love. Love is truth.

  5. Love is love is live. We’re going to just keep saying it! I love the stripes and he’s so grown up with that haurcut. Gin…well she just makes me want to beat feet and get to meet Eloise right now! 🙂

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