My lavender is doing very well this year and I'm looking forward to harvesting some for flavoring/baking, and perhaps also to make a few lavender wands. The tomatoes are sending out flowers of hope, too, and I can't wait for fresh ripe tomatoes straight from the back yard!


Timehop reminds me that it was a year ago today that I cut and began stitching my Catamount Tunic! I was pretty single-minded about that for a while… until it was done.

There's such a big difference already between last summer and this in terms of doing creative things… this summer feels off in that department. I haven't been able to get anything going, mostly because of time not being my own. I don't begrudge for a second any of the time I spend with my grandkids – au contraire! It's other stuff — the weather, work schedule, social schedule — nothing's lining up in a beneficial way. I'm not sure that it will. Meanwhile, I keep practicing deep breathing, knitting a row when I can, taking a few stitches now and then.

I am reading more than I have in ages, and that's a plus… thank you Audible!

We're off to the Milwaukee area tomorrow for my cousin Jody's wedding. Karen and Ann will be there, too, and I'm looking forward to some fun!!

8 thoughts on “Friday!

  1. What wonderful photos – evoking the scent of lavender and delicious taste of home-grown tomatoes! My grandmother used to tell me that there was time to do everything, just not all at once. Wishing you a weekend filled with fun!

  2. Your time constraints sound much like my time constraints (sans grandchildren), as this summer time has been far from my own. I’m hoping July I’ll be able to get a handle on it. Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Those photos are amazing… and Bonny and Margene’s words are all I wanted to say. Enjoy your weekend, my friend! soak it up and just.be.

  4. My lavender looks great as well. I have plans for a gin cocktail made with a lavender simple syrup called Purple Rain.

  5. I had to check the USDA hardiness maps. You are in zone 5a, I am in zone 3b. That’s why you can have lavender and I cannot.

  6. That lavender photo is beautiful, I wish I could smell it! I hear you on the creative bit but I’m reading and that makes me happy. Have fun at the wedding!

  7. My lavender is going gang busters also! Lavender wands, that is a great idea! Thank you 🙂
    I hope your weekend is spectacular and that your summer finds the perfect rhythm – for all things!

  8. I’ve never been much of a harvester (“What? Work? Outside!?”), but I’ll pull all the tomatoes anyone wants. The smell and the feel of the vines are glorious, as is the prospect of standing over the kitchen sink biting into a fresh tomato.

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