Another weekend, another wedding!

Packed, dressed, waiting for our ride on Saturday morning!


Here are two of our four travel companions (the youngest in a rare quiet moment… she was not a happy Saturday traveler).


It was a beautiful day at Virmond Park in Mequon, WI.


…a nice day for a wedding! My cousin Jody + Donald! We're on a very high, beautiful bluff overlooking Lake Michigan.


Virginia was introduced to her Great Grand Aunt Marilyn (mother of the bride) (and daughter of Gin's namesake) and Great Aunt Karen (cousin of the bride).


Between the ceremony and reception, there was time to check in at the hotel (Four Points by Sheraton) and even take a pool(s) break — indoor & out! Both were quite lovely.


The reception was a blast. Gin was lulled by the hum of happiness.


And had plenty of cuddle time with her great aunties!


Though were were seated at neighboring tables, it wasn't quite close enough to the boys for Junah… so we squeezed him in between Mack & Addy.


Sisters! (And cousins of the bride.)


Beautiful view at Ozaukee Country Club. If you look carefully, you'll see the bride+groom and photographer in the later photo (click for big!).


Peaceful sleep the entire way home on Sunday.


Jün spent a couple of hours at my house in the afternoon, making sure the plants were watered! (Best use of rain barrel!)


Darn good weekend.

7 thoughts on “Another weekend, another wedding!

  1. That is one exceptionally good weekend! The pool photos make me smile; my kids would have traveled from hotel pool to hotel pool all summer if their wishes had been granted. I also love the intensity and focus Jün has when watering. That young man may be a gardener; who else takes their green rake along to a wedding?!

  2. Evidently being cuddled is tiring! The picture of you and your sisters is priceless! It does look like a darn good weekend! Hope you get a little time this week to put up your feet.

  3. no mud puddle photos, that was priceless on instagram…..glad you had such a nice weekend

  4. What a lot of beautiful, friendly looking faces! You are so lucky to have sisters. I have one and she is my best friend, even though we hated each other when we were kids! Haha–we got so past that. I love reading all your posts. Thanks for sharing with the world.

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