Li’l Gin’s Geranium

Determined to get something made over the holiday weekend — which, for me, was 4 days long (so what's the problem?) — I cut out an Alabama Chanin A-line Tunic on Monday. I'd picked up the remaining yardage on a bolt of black & white printed cotton jersey with just that in mind on my one and only trip to Hancock Fabric's going-out-of-business sale. Playing it by ear, I hadn't given much thought to some of the other options and design elements, but when Ina wrote, "Calls for white armhole trim!" Well, of course it did… and, naturally, I didn't have any "white" jersey in the correct shade.

Bump in the road.


Still… determined… I eyeballed the remainders and decided that I had enough to make a little dress/top for Gin!


So I did!!


It's the darling Little Geranium Dress (a free download) from made by rae!


The pattern wasn't intended for knit fabric… but don't fret, Gin, Nona made it work!


The bodice is fully lined, and Ali used the new snap pliers (also a Hancock score) to add some black pearl snaps at the back.


It was finished on Tuesday, just in time to wear to her cousin's 7th birthday party!



I've had a hard time with focus lately, but managing to move forward!

7 thoughts on “Li’l Gin’s Geranium

  1. I love your burst of creativity and your ingenious idea of making something so cute for Gin! Big score for Vicki (and Gin!)!

  2. Gin’s top is adorable. Looks like your tunic with be wonderful as well. Hopefully you can get it done soon enough to have a Grandma and granddaughter photo shoot. Though it might get you cited by the Overwhelming Cuteness Police.

  3. That is one cute Gin in her Little Geranium and your tunic also looks wonderful. The fabric reminds me of interlocking Moroccan tile. Another vote for a Nona and Gin photo shoot!

  4. That little dress is so cute! And boy is she thriving! Your tunic is beautiful, I love the striking contrast between the black and white.

  5. A-dorable (the dress, too 🙂 I’m impressed with every little detail – and that you made it from scraps. Your tunic is going to be fabulous and triple win that you’ll match Gin.

  6. Adorable dress! Both of them – but Gin is just precious! That smile is so sweet! It is clearly apparent that she adores wearing garments her Nona made! I love how the tunic looks! And, yes – there should be a photo of both of you! XO

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