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Right now: July

Anticipating… our first Farmers Market of the season tomorrow morning! It started a few weeks ago, but we've all been on leave.


Baby Barista will likely be in tow!

Celebrating… 4th of July weekend! Well, it'll be a very low-key celebration 'round here. But YAY! The work schedule has shifted a bit, so I'll have another 4-day weekend, too.

Drinking… Iced SPORTea, coffee, water, and G&T — St. George Terroir in the mix at the moment.

Enjoying… Summer. It's been pretty nice so far, and now that the busy-ness of June is over… I really can start to enjoy it more!

Itching… (perpetually) to clean up my workroom and make progress on something… anything!

Knitting… The TTL Mystery Shawl has been a challenge this year due to issues with time and concentration. More than a few backward steps involved in this one… but moving forward at the moment!

Looking Forward To… A few days up north, after the 4th, with the girls and the babies!

Reading… I'm reading All The Light We Cannot See in book form, so it's slow going, but I'm enjoying it quite a bit — and hoping that above-mentioned time up north with allow some extra reading time!

I was a little surprised — and disappointed — this morning to already hear the end of Lab Girl… which is, sadly, now no longer my "current" Audible book. I really enjoyed that book! And I'm sad that it's over. I had an inkling that I'd like it, based on description and reviews that I'd read, but had no idea how much I'd LOVE it! I especially loved listening to it being read by the author*; born and raised in Minnesota, of Scandinavian heritage — so familiar with the details and nuances of her speech and delivery — it was like listening to a friend or a family member.


Here is my progress so far – I'm excited to be close to BINGO two ways! Next order of business: a new audio book… possibly one that is borrowed from the library!

Sewing… Oh, man… not much. I carry around the Magdalena A-line Top that I stenciled a while ago and began sewing, but it has barely seen the light of day. I will bring it up north, along with the visible mending that I'd like to in Sashiko (first and last mentioned a month ago!) (crazy June!).


Watching… there hasn't been a lot of that lately. And when I have watched something, it's been in total ZONE OUT mode, so I don't even remember. There have been some pretty sunsets lately, though.

Wondering… What's up with you right now!?

9 thoughts on “Right now: July

  1. There is too little space here to tell you everything that’s going on in my world. The best news is I have a 4 day weekend, too! Enjoy your weekend, dear friend! xox

  2. I think Baby Barista will be a definite draw at the Framer’s Market! I’m excited to hear how much you enjoyed Lab Girl. I haven’t yet figured out how to force it into one of my Book Bingo squares, but it sounds well worth reading no matter whether it’s for Book Bingo or not. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I read “All the Light…” a year or so ago…sooooo good! Hope you get to enjoy it and relax!

  4. woo hoo for all the reading! All the Light was one of my favorite books from last year; hope you love it too. Enjoy the weekend and your time up north…sounds like you are ready for a little down time!

  5. I too am having trouble with the TTL Mystery Shawl this year! The first row of the 5 together stitch — redid it many times!!
    But it sure is pretty.
    thanks for the book suggestions. 🙂 latifa

  6. Happy 4th of July Vicki! Looks to me like you’re getting it done…slow and steady my friend! I’m splitting my time between the TTL shawl and reading and I’ve got a car book going too! Here’s to your upcoming get-a-way!

  7. “All the Light We Cannot See” is one of the best books I’ve read in a long while. My son loved it, too.

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