Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: Labor Day Weekend

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things I Did On The Weekend





1  – I picked up Jün at the farmers market on Saturday morning and we ran errands together. They didn't have "car carts" at the grocery store when my kids were little, so that was a first (and I only knocked/bumped a few things!) (he was much happier and more excited than it looks). Then we hung out at my house — reading (he's not tired of my excellent caterwauling), snacking, playing! I answered my first "WHY?" question from him… here we go!


2 — On Saturday evening, I watched the Wisconsin Badgers vs. LSU at Lambeau Field while I wove in the ends on my Green Bay Packers Scoreboard Cowl. I ran out of yarn 2 games short of a full season, but it is plenty long… and it is what it is! The ends are all in and I'm ready for grafting!


3 — On Sunday, Kate & I drove up to Door County for the day. We'd originally planned to do that last Wednesday, but ended up in Madison that day… doing what was supposed to be done the day the car crapped out.


4 — In addition to having my favorite lunch at my favorite place (which, after all these years, wasn't quite up to par… so we may expand our culinary horizons next time) (change is good), we stopped at a used book shop and also visited a couple of galleries. Rusty had work at Edgewood Orchard Gallery years ago, and it's changed and expanded quite a bit, especially outside where there is a nice courtyard and a large sculpture garden. I loved the detail on the dress of the sculpture above… also pretty epic hair. The "paint" is at The Hardy Gallery, which is housed in a 130+ year old warehouse on the dock at Ephraim. It's amazing. Rusty had and sold a piece at this gallery earlier in the season.


5 — The Door County trip was spontaneous, Sunday having originally been declared "art day." I didn't actually make anything on Sunday, but I did pull out my collection of old photos… I have a half-baked idea and am looking for some inspiration.


6 — I started ripping out one of the KonMari'd projects while riding in the passenger seat and finished it off on Sunday night.


7 — On Monday, I wound it into a hank on the swift, then soaked both hanks of reclaimed yarn and hung them to dry!


8 — I also still had that small bucket of indigo outside. I refreshed it, tied & folded up a few onesies, and gave 'em a dunk or two or three. I haven't yet tired of the BLUE MAGIC!!


9 — Did some good cooking… and eating. We've been quite diligent about making a weekly menu and sticking to it! One of the best things about it is that we almost always plan to make more, packing up leftovers right away into lunch-size containers, ready to grab in the morning. That means that I have this delicious salmon with cherry tomatoes and basil (baked in a foil packet… thanks Mark Bittman) to enjoy again today!!

10 — I labored… purposefully and as little as possible, but one still needs clean clothes and a balanced checkbook!

I hope your weekend was grand!

9 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: Labor Day Weekend

  1. Looks like a great weekend to me. I love those indigo onesies! Do you have a link to the salmon recipe? I still have loads of cherry tomatoes and basil in my garden.

  2. I really enjoyed the “Why?’ stage, even if I sometimes had to make up silly answers when the questions got silly. Why do squirrels insist on leaving their walnut shell mess all over my picnic table benches? Love your indigo onesies!

  3. I will never tire of BLUE MAGIC! I only wish I had something to toss into that little vat. The sculptures are stunning to study, as the detail is so intricate.

  4. I finally finished my scoreboard this weekend. It is HUGE! But when I went to start a new one I discovered that I had used the WRONG NEEDLE SIZE on the first one! Ugh! No wonder it turned out so huge. Anyway, I have the right needles and am planning to do the Scoreboard 2.0 for our college team this year.
    Have a great day!

  5. Planned overs for lunch! It’s a good thing. Even these days when I don’t leave home, I’m glad when lunch is settled before I’ve had breakfast.

  6. I need to plan menus weekly, too. I remember learning how to do it in fifth grade, which was more an exercise in budgeting than in nutrition, as we did it in math class. Maybe that’s why it seems so odious to me now. Any tips/tricks/suggestions?

  7. What a colorful weekend! Door County is on my Wisconsin bucket list (I need to spend more than a weekend to make time for it I guess), but I’ll wait til you scout out a good place for lunch 🙂 Those indigo onesies are the best – tie-dye never gets old (or boring) does it?!

  8. Looks like a fabulous weekend. A little of everything. The onsies are so cute. Do you sell them in the shop? My scoreboard is gigantic, owing to high scoring games. I just have to embroider the Block O then join the ends.

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