Summer of…

Change? Upheaval? Transition?


Rusty's dad passed away peacefully on Friday while awaiting heart surgery that was scheduled for Monday.

Though they were never close, there was an accord which developed over the past several years. I only met him twice, myself; once when Kate was an infant and he visited us in Oregon, and when he and his wife made a trip to Wisconsin in the '90s.

Rest in peace Smokey.


Gunther "Smokey" Mothes
Dec. 1, 1928 – Sep. 9, 2016

16 thoughts on “Summer of…

  1. It’s always painful when a parent passes, even when the relationship was never close. You are not alone. I wish you peaceful acceptance, love and forgiveness in the days to come.

  2. Carole said it perfectly, complicated relationships do indeed make for complicated grief. Sending you and Rusty my love – be easy with yourselves in the coming days. XO

  3. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope everyone involved can be at peace. It’s so difficult/weird/sad/confusing when a parent dies. So much is wrapped up in the parent-child relationship. Thinking of both of you!

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