Maddy in NZ

Away she goes!

Last week, Wednesday, I drove over to help Maddy vacate her apartment and haul the remainder of her belongings back home. After a lot of hard work and saving, she was in the final stage of preparation for her year-long trip to New Zealand (and beyond).



There was practice packing! And that is it… with the exception of hiking boots that she isn't wearing in these photos, it's all in there… clothing, shoes, toiletries, a towel, tent, sleeping bag, and cooking gear. Believe it or not!


There was detailing of the aforementioned hiking boots, making sure they were free of any and all dirt! Toothpicks were employed. (You can lose your footwear at entry if they're not spic & span.)


There was a weekend in Milwaukee visiting friends, then a fare-the-well gathering at home with friends and family.

Here's her quirky & hilarious first GoPro video from a few nights earlier at home when Ali & the kiddos were over. Maddy's friends & coworkers chipped in and gave her a GoPro HERO Session as a gift! (I can't wait for more!!)


Finally, it was departure day!! Kate, Maddy, Rusty & I all drove down to Chicago on Tuesday morning.


"Travel without limits." (Serendipitous selfie backdrop!)

We had a marvelous farewell lunch at our favorite spot, The Purple Pig*, and then drove out to the airport.





She will be traveling, exploring, discovering, hiking, paddling, and probably working a little bit, too. Maybe on a sheep farm! She will likely travel to other places, as well, such as Australia and Thailand where she has friends. And likely to Europe (Spain!) as she makes her way home next summer. That's getting way ahead of things tho…


For now, it's enough that she's landed. Yesterday, it was 1 p.m. CST Wednesday/6 a.m. NZST Thursday when she arrived in Auckland. A little time travel! The next few days will be spent settling, acclimating, and preparing for… whatever happens next!

_ _ _ _ _

After dropping her off at the airport, we drove back into the city for a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.


Kerry James Marshall: Mastry is jaw-dropping. I barely took any photos because… you have to see this work in person. It's only up until Sept. 25th… so hurry!

The Propellor Group exhibition was also fascinating (thru Nov. 13th).

_ _ _ _ _

Whew! That was one long day… I won't be making a habit of day-trips to Chicago!

*We had our favorite Chicken Thigh Kebabs with Fried Smashed Potatoes & Tzatziki along with Smashed Potatoes with Sheep Feta & Oregano, and Bobota "Greek Cornbread" with Feta, Mizithra Cheese & Honey. Then we got adventurous and tried a couple of new dishes: Housemade Gyros & Pita Bread with Pickled Beets & Pickled Turnips, and Squid Stuffed with Proscuitto & Bread Crumbs with Santorini Fava Puree & Charmoula. Oh my goodness, it was all simply delicious!

9 thoughts on “Away she goes!

  1. Maddy is an adventurous soul! What’s that saying about giving your children roots and wings? You have certainly given them both. I’m so glad we live in a time where we can be in touch to New Zealand and beyond and hope that you’ll share some of her discoveries in the year ahead.
    P.S. I’m quite impressed with her packing; I take almost that much for a week!

  2. Vicki, you have the most interesting children, make that family! I am ever impressed and entertained by what happens at Chez Knitorious. May Maddy’s travels be full of fun, good people, great experiences and continued safety! xo

  3. Tearing up here just thinking about a trip of that magnitude. What a very cool experience to want – and to get. I’m looking forward to a little bit of vicarious travel over the next year, too!

  4. This brought tears to my eyes! I love when kids GO. Wishing Maddy a wonderful year and so look forward to hearing about her adventures!!

  5. Oh, this is all so exciting! Kids . . . spreading their wings and doing wonderful things! What an adventure. (She looks so happy and excited.) Much love to all. XO
    PS — Day trips to Chicago are just . . . exhausting!

  6. Hey, I have been reading your blog for years. I am a Kiwi (New Zealander) living in Aussie.
    I know that Maddy will have a fabulous trip!! They don’t usually confiscate your boots, they might clean them for you though!
    If you need another contact for Downunder, don’t hesitate in contacting me.

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