FO: Elwood for Gin

Don't fall off your chair… the knitting is certainly not fast & furious around here, but I have managed to finish this adorable little sweater for Gin!



I love the button band/shawl collar combo in this pattern.


There isn't a modeled shot yet, but you'll be among the first to know!


I am completely in love with the ladybug buttons! When I posted on IG that I was in search of buttons, Ina Braun responded via email with photos of her extensive button selection! I mailed the sweater to her and after a little discussion, she sent it back with these and another contender… but it was these for me, all along.


Serious cuteness… Gin's gonna blow it out of the water! I have enough leftover yarn to make a simple striped hat, and I think I'm going to do that!

15 thoughts on “FO: Elwood for Gin

  1. I saw those little buttons and knew you had some serious cuteness going on. I think all the younger people in your life get exposed to so much creativity that they won’t be able to avoid being creative themselves. What a great gift to pass on.

  2. I love everything about this sweater – the colors, the buttons, the style! Can’t wait to see pictures of your little cutie pie wearing it!

  3. So very perfect! Love the sweater (and the colors) and the ladybug buttons are wonderful! Can’t wait to see the sweater being modeled. Meant to say the other day I hopped over to your daughter’s blog from New Zealand and really enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing the link.

  4. It’s unanimous – the colors are wonderful and the buttons perfect! I’m so looking forward to the photo of Gin modeling her stupendous sweater and hat!

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