Lazy woman washes & blocks handknits

If you're familiar with #konmari, you know that feeling "joy" is a big part of the process.

I ran across this vest/wrap as I was #knitkonmari-ing and, at first glance, not a lot of joy… mainly because it turned out a bit small/short for my liking.


It's the Weekend Wrap by Julie Weisenberger. I bought both the pattern & yarn at Blazing Needles in SLC with Margene – when I joined her a few years ago for the knitters' retreat at Alta — and those memories certainly do spark joy!


I have since re-knit the Weekend Wrap a little larger and much more to my liking. (And if I can't find that stray cone of Habu Tsumugi Silk to continue Lola, it might just be my "Rhinebeck Sweater.") But I have also kept the original because it is so very forgiving… if I just scrunch it up and wrap it 'round my neck…  voila! It's a perfectly wonderful lightweight neutral scarf. The armholes aren't even visible (can you see them?). JOY IS SPARKED!

I have also frogged a couple of projects that no longer spark joy.

From this:


…to this.


And this:


…becomes this.


There are a few (so far) more to frog, but this is a good start; these have already been washed and made into neat hanks, ready for the next thing.

I've begun the washing process for the JOY-filled knits with the items that are easiest — those items made from superwash wool, or that requiring little or no shaping/pinning for blocking/drying.


I really didn't intend to hang those shawls on the line, but there are no points to pin out and they're hanging so nicely!

Lazy? I certainly felt lazy. (I am lazy.) (Yes, that's my flexible blocking mat also hanging on the line with a project affixed.)


Ooof! Repair to be made.



These were all thrown into the machine on the "handwash" cycle, and hung to dry — either on the line or on my wooden drying rack — except for Parcheesi, which I threw in the dryer on the lowest of settings. I am so happy to be heading into autumn and winter with clean & fresh knits!

_ _ _ _ _

Hello, 4-day Weekend!! I will be doing final prep for & photographing a wedding tomorrow evening — my last wedding of the summer! A friend's daughter, a cousin, working an acquaintance's daughter's wedding (2nd-shooting with my niece), a co-worker, and now a former co-worker of my daughter's (working)… it's been the most wedding-est summer of my life! <3

On Saturday, I actually plan to dye some yarn. (Shhh!) The shop is in need, there are a couple of special orders hanging…

Sunday will be COLLAGE DAY! Art day was thwarted a couple of weeks ago, but that only means we've had that much longer to amass materials. OMG. I cannot wait to dive in.

On Monday… I've nothing planned yet for Monday. I might be ready to have a first look at the wedding photos by then.  ;)

And somewhere in there, time with the kiddos!!

_ _ _ _ _

Do you like the larger photos? Are they too large?? What are your plans for the weekend… whether 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-day?? (Or more? Vacation?)

11 thoughts on “Lazy woman washes & blocks handknits

  1. All that freshly fluffed wool, it’s making me feel a bit guilty. And then I see that it was 85 today, so not that guilty. I like the larger photos. Good luck with the wedding shoot.

  2. I really like the bigger photos – the better to see the lovely pile o’ knits and colorful squiggly frogged yarn. You’ve ingeniously answered a question I’ve had – how to block something and still hang it on the line. That is a cool solution!

  3. I love seeing piles of handknits like this, great job on evaluating, washing, repurposing and photographing. And I like the bigger photos. I’ve been wondering about that for my own blog, too, it’s nice that you already took the plunge and can report on your results.

  4. I like the larger photos too! The entire post is a beauty! I’m going to a wedding this weekend (2 day…boo) too. Should be fun. Enjoy all those days!

  5. Your projects hanging in the sun made me smile-If I lived close to you they would disappear LOL!
    With all you accomplished I don’t think you can claim to be lazy! I love the bigger pix- I can really see everything clearly. Your knits are gorgeous. Please share pix of the repair process. I have a repair to do and so far it hasn’t been pretty.

  6. I love the photos and seeing your lovely knits! This weekend is ALTA ! AND it is SNOWING! I am a lazier knitter/washer/blocker than you as I have only JUST made plans–not followed through. I will wash a few shawls when I return from my Retreat. Wish you were here!

  7. Yes, the larger pictures are great…as are all your lovely knitted items. So colorful, so Fall! Enjoy the wedding shoot this weekend. Oh, and I love your flexible blocking mat – haven’t seen one of those before. Looks perfect. Just checked in on Maddy’s blog — really enjoy her writing style and she just sounds so wonderfully happy!

  8. Big Pictures for the WIN! Last year, I got rid of many hand knit items that did not spark joy. I never thought I would have the courage to get rid of anything I had knit . . . but, by-golly . . . it was easy once I just followed the KonMari principles. (And I haven’t missed a thing.) 🙂

  9. I like the larger photos but for some reason only half of them appear open within the blog. Others I have to manually open. I have a Mac. Could that be why? Love the sweater you made for Gin. She’s a cutie.

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