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FO: Murre for Gin

I knit this adorable hat using leftovers from Gin's Elwood, and I couldn't be happier (except that I wish I'd knit it one size larger) (listen to the voices in your head!).



I used my I-cord maker to make the ties (in mere minutes!).

I used all of the purple leftovers, subbing in the white to finish that section and also to carry throughout for the lifted stitches. With the exception of white, the other colors are striped in the same sequence as the sweater. It coordinates with the sweater in a very matchy way without matching.

There are still leftovers! I will likely riff on this pattern again…


This is the best modeled shot I could manage yesterday. Selfies with a wiggly, grabby 5-month old aren't easy! She grabs for everything and is almost desperate to instantly get whatever-it-is into her mouth — a continuous motion. (I had to save my phone!)

Her mum says that she had a bad night last night and the morning wasn't so good, either; she may be getting close to cutting a tooth.

Or she has a cold.

Also, I predict that she'll be sitting up on her own for extended periods this month. She is absolutely fascinated by Jün and his antics… I get the feeling that she can't wait to join in!!

_ _ _ _ _

Breaking news from New Zealand via Snapchat:


Madventures. She's been adventuring like mad, but will soon be settling in for a little bit…

10 thoughts on “FO: Murre for Gin

  1. I wasn’t sure Gin could be any more adorable in her Elwood, but Murre certainly adds to the cuteness! I’ve been following Maddie’s adventures, and am finding both her words and photos stunning. While I can’t tell her to be careful when she is sitting precipitously on cliffs, I am sending plenty of “Be Safe” vibes!

  2. The hat is darling and I really like not quite matchy things. Now, about listening to the voices in your head… be selective, please. 😉

  3. That hat is just so flipping cute! I love it. And yeah, photos of 5 month olds are bad enough but selfies must be damn near impossible. Lovin’ Maddie’s adventures!

  4. That hat totally makes the outfit – what a cutie! (and ugh about the teething/cold – hope y’all aren’t in for a whole season of that fussiness…) Thank you for sharing Maddie’s adventures and allowing us to travel vicariously. Can’t wait to hear about the settling down part!

  5. I love the hat and your granddaughter! Both are beautiful. Maddie’s photos are beautiful. What an adventure.

  6. Oh that hat is darling (and so is Gin, of course). Have continued to enjoy Madventures – pictures and words are wonderful. Can’t wait to hear about Sheepies!!!

  7. Oh. THAT HAT! It looks like a fun knit, so you’ll just have to make a bigger one now. (Fun color mixing opportunity. . . ) Love the Madventures! XO

  8. Gin looks so cute in the hat. The pattern matches a baby blanket I just made. Color Fields Blanket. One day soon she’ll be doing her own selfies. Then you’ll have to hide the phone!

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