Right Now...

Right now: (already) October


Admiring… A freshly painted/touched-up garage! The back door is nice & bright again!


The gable isn't supposed to be purple, but the maroon fades in the sun. Apparently, red is a difficult color to make both lightfast and environmentally safe.

I'm going to have to find a spot for that sink before long.

Anticipating… Rhinebeck! I'll be winging my way east in a week to hang out & knit in the Hudson Valley. I'm so looking forward to seeing, visiting with, and hugging some friends. It's been a long time.


Delighted by (still)… my favorite (so far) artwork by Addison, done when he was in 2nd grade. He's now in 4th and I just had to have my own print of this… 11 x 14 arrived in the mail yesterday!

Dreading… some book work that I've let slide. I've concentrated instead on people, events, the moment, enjoying the weather… knowing full well that I'll have to bury my head in the books at some point. Better to do that when it's not so nice outside, though, non? We all know what's coming…


All the colors of the rainbow! And more!!

Knitting… I've finished a pair of undocumented mittens for Jun, a sweater & hat for Gin, worked a bit on LOLA (until I lost a cone of yarn) (yet not found)… and have begun a shawl called Close To You (free pattern on Ravelry) using some freshly dyed yarn.


(I've been dyeing!)

Kvetching… LOLA was to be my "Rhinebeck Sweater." It looks like that's not going to happen, but… I have a pretty solid back-up plan!

Looking forward to… a clear calendar! After Rhinebeck, there is almost nothing but a hair appointment on my calendar for months. Pinch me! I can't even believe it. (Knocking on wood!)

Planning… a big trip that's a long ways off. I've never planned a trip so far in advance… it's so early that I can't even buy a plane ticket yet!


Reading… PAGES: I've finished Across Five Aprils, and have picked up Room… which I've sort of dreaded, but so far so good. AUDIO: I've just finished listening to Code Name Verity and liked it a lot — I'm glad I listened to it. (I've been reading a lot of wartime books!) I'm not 100% sold on The Time Traveler's Wife for my SciFi square, but whatever I decide, it's going to be audio!

Sewing… I've been working a bit, here and there, on my "Magdalena" Alabama Chanin A-line Tunic. I may do a little bit of machine sewing over the weekend, if things come together.

Watching… Masterpiece Mystery: Inspector Lewis. We recently caught the last season on PBS, so have been catching up on some that we'd missed.

Wondering… What's up with you right now!?

9 thoughts on “Right now: (already) October

  1. That is busy!! I’m starting to find that my reading/knitting (and, now, sewing) time is being sucked up by other things, and I’m determined to be more mindful about filling my time up in the future. It is my dream to be able to say that I have cleared my calendar of scheduled obligations as you have.

  2. This is one colorful post! Addison’s picture looks very Picasso-esque and I love the blendered rainbow colors of your shawl. I’m quite envious of your time with Cara and Ann (and so many others!). Hugs all around!

  3. Lots of good things, Vicki! So many good things. I love the every-color of your yarn. It reminds me of a full box of Crayolas . . . all dumped out on the floor. 🙂
    (Oh. And That Trip. . . )

  4. I love that shawl and the colors in your freshly dyed yarn are wonderful. Rhinebeck will be a blast and a clear calendar is one of the best things ever!

  5. Oohhh RHINEBECK! I’m struck by all the color in your life – literally and figuratively! that speckled rainbow yarn is beautiful; looks like a very fun knit!

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