Yes! I downloaded & started listening to The Time Traveler's Wife over the weekend. I'm glad I did… so far, so good.


It was a beautiful early autumn weekend. The leaves are starting to fall and gather… it's just the beginning!

I did some sewing (a new top), some knitting (a new hat for Gin, my current shawl), some cleaning out and getting rid of stuff (big stuff, even, like a desk and an upholstered chair), some cooking (roast beef, split pea soup), and some hanging out with the fam.


I had Ali drop the kiddos off for a while yesterday afternoon… I should have left the football hat on Gin when I took the photo! It doesn't get more "game day" than this!!


I started a Color Break Hat for Gin. The pattern uses slip stitches for interesting texture and to help prevent pooling in highly variegated yarns. My yarn is more along the lines of "very" rather than "highly" variegated and I am loving it so far. This hat and/or one or two more will be my airplane knitting later this week.

10 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. Those chubby football legs….so cute!! I love the hat, which will be so darling on Gin.
    Our autumn got of to a shaky start, but the last few days have been perfection!

  2. Those little football legs!!!! πŸ™‚ Sounds like a great weekend . . . and doesn’t it feel good to clear out those Big Items???

  3. Oh my, those football leggings filled with chubby little legs. Too cute, and surely a picture she shall hate as a teen. Fortunately, grandmas usually get away with those things.

  4. Gin’s football outfit is the best! those chubby legs πŸ’• Time Travelers Wife was one of my favorites…hope you continue to love it!

  5. That football outfit is DIVINE!! Omgosh – she is so stinking cute!! I also am so in love with your yarn! I have serious yarn envy! Have fun at Rhinebeck!! XO

  6. What fun having both of your little Packers boosters over! Too cute! I like the colors of the hat you’re making. What lucky grandchildren you have. Happy travels to you!

  7. I saw part of the Packers’ game yesterday πŸ™ And I do not like their new uniform colors; I do not like them in a box, I do not like them on a fox. Green and yellow are TRADITION (pronounced in the way Tevye did in Fiddler on the Roof)!

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