9 thoughts on “The head game

  1. Maybe not the exact same one, but I’ver certainly knit a project or two that weren’t done before they were outgrown.

  2. yikes spikes indeed – I’ve never seen a hat like that! (and I’ll bet this is the one he’s gonna refuse to take off – even for bed?!) I’m glad the hat fits Gin – even for a second – and clearly it’s also passed the taste test!

  3. Gin’s hat is so good and obviously tastes good, too! The Spikes are something else. Is that a hat or a helmet? I’ve never seen anything quite like it! But, then I’ve never had sons or grandsons only a daughter and granddaughters. I’m not up on what boys like. Wow! It looks lethal. I’m sure the spikes are soft-rather like a hairbrush, right? Wow!

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