NaBloPoMo 2016

Selected scenes from a day (mostly food)

Homemade cornbread > Stuffing:

Thanksgiving - IMG_20161123_115149
Thanksgiving - IMG_20161123_115149
Thanksgiving - IMG_20161123_115149

Adorable kitchen helper:

Thanksgiving - 20161124_154756

Rotkraut underway:

Thanksgiving - IMG_20161123_112313

Cornish Game Hens:

Thanksgiving - IMG_20161124_153732

Thanksgiving Day Crossword (they made it about half-way) (it's ongoing):

Thanksgiving - IMG_20161124_153429
Thanksgiving - IMG_20161124_153429

Mac 'n Cheese ("traditional" fare when there's a toddler in the house):

Thanksgiving - IMG_20161124_160801

Time to relax:

Thanksgiving - 20161124_192800

Junah was an even bigger help in the kitchen than his sister — helping to make his mac 'n cheese, and also with whipping cream for pie — but no pics. In fact, I sort of lost the photo-thread by the time all the food was ready and served! The Cornish hens looked (and tasted) divine.

It was all delicious — not over-the-top quantity-wise, as sometimes happens (thankful for the small hens instead of a huge turkey). There was a lot more stuffing than I was expecting — enough for TWO 2-qt. dishes instead of one (I'll adjust that recipe, I think)! The Rotkraut was delicious (and I love that it could/should be made ahead). With the cabbage, beets and cranberry sauce, there was a lot of red at our table!

I love the mission behind the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale… but I didn't really care for the actual beer. I'm glad I tried it! There were three bottles in the variety pack of New Belgium beer that I bought for the holiday… not sure what's going to happen to the other two bottles. Heh.

Hope you're having a great Friday. I worked for half the day, and now I think it might be nap time.

8 thoughts on “Selected scenes from a day (mostly food)

  1. I saw that Cookie Dough Ale and gave it the side-eye for sure. I’m guessing it has some sweetish notes? What if you make a beer bread with it and maybe add a handful or two of mini chocolate chips to the loaf? Actually, I would love to know what you think that beer tastes like? I want to know, just not enough to buy me some purely on speculation.

  2. All of your food looks wonderful! The Rotkraut is beautiful, and your helpers adorable. I liked the beer more than I expected to when I tried it, and have been looking for it ever since I got back from CO, but more to make beer bread than to drink. I second Robby’s idea for beer bread with chocolate chips. That’s what I plan to make if I can ever find the beer, and another loaf with dried cherries.

  3. Vicki – everything looks delicious and full of love 🙂 I hope the crossword folks are still working away – that puzzle looks like a lot of fun!

  4. Beautiful photos. I know what you mean about running out of steam with the photography stuff, though, as the day wears on. Glad you had a delicious meal with your family.

  5. Everything looks delicious (except maybe the beer). The variety of flavors must have been fabulous. That crossword looks fun (and OMG big!), but would take me four years to complete. Your kitchen helper is about as cute as a little one can be. Your day looks full of joy and love!

  6. That puzzle is huge! And makes me wish I was a crossword person. Never too late maybe? That entire meal looks fabulous and like a perfect family day.

  7. I had to google rotkraut, then said Oh, red cabbage! Love that stuff, especially if there is bacon in it 🙂 And I am also doubtful about chocolate chip cookie dough beer. Good cause, though.

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