NaBloPoMo 2016


Hit it Jack:


Front door.
Junah watched happily while Kate wrapped the pillars on Thanksgiving Day,
"Now it's Christmas!!"

Doors at our house:

  • Front door
  • Upstairs apartment door
  • Shed door
  • Back/Side/Kitchen door
  • Basement door
  • Garage door(s)

We've lived in our house for almost 30 years. Unfortunately, the door bell button at the front door has never been anything more than sporadic, so we've had various little notes posted above it stating (one way or another) that if no answer, please go to the back door.


Defunct doorbell & note at front door.

We've had many deliveries over the span of 30 years, as you might imagine — countless deliveries — from just about every delivery service you could name. Sometimes they knock, sometimes they don't; sometimes we have to sign for packages, sometimes we don't; sometimes a parcel is left at the front door, sometimes the back door, and once even at the shed door.


The upstairs apartment door is… up those stairs (garage at left).

On Wednesday, according to tracking info, UPS left a package at "rear door." I looked at the back door, the shed door, even the garage door; I sent a text to our tenant asking if she'd found a package — nope, nada, nothing.


The shed door.


Hubby's note on shed door since a delivery was found there one time.

Mulling over what to do…


Freshly painted rear garage door & season's first dusting of snow.

On Thursday, I asked Rusty to maybe take a peek over at the neighbors' (it didn't look like they were home) to see if somehow it was delivered over there… They wouldn't have delivered it at our basement door, would they??


The back/side/kitchen door. Roughly 50% of our parcel deliveries are made at this door, even by USPS.

Lo and behold! I can't believe he came up with it.

If thwarted at the front door (and I don't know why it wouldn't have just been left there on the "delivery chair"), you would pass the stairs to the apartment door, the shed door, and the back door (not to mention the garage door), before hitting a FULL STAIRCASE leading to the lower yard and, finally (about 20 more feet to the right), the walk-out basement door… which is where the box in question was found on Thursday morning.



Thank you, UPS, for giving me blog fodder as we cruise toward the end of NaBloPoMo!

11 thoughts on “Doors

  1. Wow! You do have a lot of doors! I can’t believe the UPS guy had the stamina to walk past alllll those days and down a flight of stairs, too. Glad you found the package eventually!

  2. Love all your doors. Your house has such a welcoming look. I think UPS just wanted to explore. Happy holidays.

  3. We had a new newspaper delivery person do that do us once. Our old house was an old house on a hill, with super steep stairs to the street from our ancient, warped, difficult to open front door. We never used the front door – always used the back door, which was convenient to the garage, the mailbox, and the driveway. Some poor soul climbed through over one foot of snow on those steep (unshoveled) stairs in the early morning dark to deliver our morning paper, while ignoring the shoveled and lighted driveway/back door mere yards away. I called the newspaper and asked them to tell the delivery person to please use the safer way.

  4. The UPS person wanted to make sure your package was safely stowed. I spy Kate smiling at you through the window. Love your beautiful old house.

  5. Love this! Love that yellow door, and the song – when you gonna ring it, when you gonna ring it! (We always say I’m thinking about….) Glad you got your package too!

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