Are you aware of the month-long #yarnlovechallenge on Instagram? You can read more about it and the people involved at @yarnlovechallenge, and there's also a Ravelry group.


It has provided a very welcome relief from daily things, and one small yarny=happy photography-related thing to focus on/think about each day. You can find my #yarnlovechallenge photos — and more — on Instagram here.

Today's prompt is FAMILY and the photos are wonderful!


This is one of the photos I posted today. My mom (in the middle) taught me to knit when I was in 1st grade. My sisters all have knit at some point. Sharon was definitely the most adventurous right out of the gate. Karen knit a sweater for herself when she was in college, but it was a huge disappointment — likely a result of poor yarn substitution, more than anything, and the resulting trickle-down of that decision. Annie has knit on and off over the years; she & Sharon knit a sweater for me one Christmas.

I had a couple of starts & stops — in high school and as a young adult — I learned something, though, and became a little more accomplished each time. When I picked it up again, as a young-ish mother, it was for fun. And then blogging came along and knitting became incredibly interesting and… empowering, even… all the shared creativity and knowledge and discussion… about knitting! It's been an amazing, fulfilling journey and now it's a rare day when I don't knit, at least a little, and connect in some way with friends I've made because of knitting. It all helps keep me grounded and sane.

Thank you. 

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy the distraction, too, whether or not you choose to participate.

7 thoughts on “#yarnlovechallenge

  1. I SO enjoy the distraction! Your family photos are truly wonderful, and I’ve just spent a very enjoyable 20 minutes checking out other #yarnlovechallenge photos. I’m a terrible Instagram user, but this will make me a more frequent Instagram viewer. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I started out participating in the challenge, but sputtered out after 5 days. Sometimes . . . I bite off more than I can chew. And this was one of those times! I’ve really enjoyed following along with everyone else, though, on Instagram. Thanks for providing such a wonderful diversion!

  3. I’ve been enjoying the photos and stories on Instagram (#happydistractions) – so much knitting and so many knitters in my feed! also love this glimpse into your family of knitters … do your daughters knit, too? (I feel like I should know that, but I don’t!)

  4. I didn’t know about it until several days in, but I am terrible at “daily” things anyway. I have enjoyed your photos, as well as many others who are posting along. You’re a good distraction.

  5. The photo you posted of your Mom and all of you “girls” is wonderful! Your Mom was a beautiful woman. Such a sweet and kind face!

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