I fully admit to being a procrastinator of the highest degree!

I get the important stuff done on time — rarely early, mind you. Heh. I work best under pressure and definitely with a deadline. Always have.

Right now, I'm knee-deep in a couple of book work-type things that I'd put off — or maybe worked at a bit, but needed time to develop a process that worked and find my rhythm.


Then there are things like this. Christmas presents for the kids. I didn't finish them until after Christmas, and I am okay with that because it's such a crazy time for everyone. When they were finally finished? Jun was mindlessly cuddling and fiddling with his bear rug and worked out one of the "safety eyes" in a matter of minutes. Since then? Gin managed to dislodge the other eye. Ugh. I think I've figured out how to secure them better… but it means taking apart both finished bears, making the fix, and finishing them again.

I especially hate doing things again! Those are the things that I am particularly good at procrastinating about… like dusting and vacuuming, too.

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8 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. The trickiness of children has caused more than one thing in my life to have to be done over, and over! I am right with you on the dusting and vacuuming! XO

  2. I think you described the problem exactly! It’s hard enough for me to motivate myself to do things the first time, but I really procrastinate on subsequent attempts. Which is why I also hate dusting, vacuuming, ironing, and all those other chores that are never really done.

  3. Vacuuming? I like the dusting part (except in the guest room). It’s the big things I push aside and I usually end up passing them off to Smith!

  4. Dustig and vacuuming . . . talk about things you need to to AGAIN! (And again and again. . . ) If I didn’t have deadlines (even fake ones), I’d never finish anything. . .

  5. I love to vacuum and that makes me think of the comment Bonny left on my blog about how it would be so great if we could all travel around to each other and do the things that we like to do and have someone else do the things we hate. That might be even better than our long dreamed of blogger vacation ranch!

  6. hate those safety eyes, for toys that kids play hard with I prefer embroidered eyes, less of a choking hazard…the bears are very cute though

  7. oh ugh, I’d be putting off those eyes, too. I hate finishing and “re” finishing is even worse. Do bears really need eyes!?! 😉

  8. What??? I thought that safety eyes were supposed to be safe. Instead of taking the bears apart why not embroider eyes on them? I’m so not great at embroidery but there are lots of You Tube tutorials that show how to do it. I did a frogarina for my granddaughter and embroidered the eyes and they came out good. Beats having to take apart the bears and do them over again. Ugh!
    I love those bears, by the way. They are so darned cute!
    Hope you have a good weekend. We finally have sun and NO snow coming in New Hampshire.

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