Dear April,

I can't wait to see you on Saturday!! There's always so much happening with you, not the least of which are BIRTHDAYS, including those of all three of my girls!! This year, you have Easter, too, which is also Alison's birthday… so I found the magazine clipping with the Bunny Cake that I made for her in 1995, and will be making it again.



No pressure or anything, but March was kind of a big let-down in the weather department, and I'm hoping you'll shine a bit more. I know that spring is a transition time and it's Wisconsin and blahblahblah — it would have been nice to just have a couple of nice days in a row out of 31. I'll bet you can do better… I know you have it in you.

After trips to Florida in January, and New Orleans in February-into-March, I'm staying put in April (and May, too). I'm looking forward to spending some quality time at home — sprucing up, fixing up, cleaning up (and out). Change is afoot!

And I'm really looking forward to spending some time outside, watching the yard & garden come alive, and getting out with the kids.


Speaking of whom, I watched them for a couple of hours yesterday and — WOW — it's nonstop fun & energy. Also, lots of following Gin up the stairs.

Anyway, after I finish the dreaded and extremely distasteful task that is taxes — which, obviously, I've been avoiding (…sort of; I've been doing a lot of tax-related stuff for others) — I hope to continue finding time for reading and knitting and sewing, too!

I'd like to get at least one more Gingeranium Dress made, and continue sewing/cutting the Alabama Chanin Magdalena A-line Tunic that I started late last summer. And I just cast on Summer Camp with a couple of the hanks I dyed the other day.

Let's have a creative, fun, productive 30 days, shall we? With some nice weather, too??

Love, Vicki

P.S. This is my 3,000th blog post!! They're not all published posts, but still… Wow.

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10 thoughts on “Dear April,

  1. April may start out much as March ends, but she usually improves mid-month. Fingers crossed. Your Instagram video of the kiddos was so entertaining. My, my how they have changed, especially Gin! How can she be so grown up already? Your pictures and words are completely full of joy when the two of them are with you. Congratulations on 3,000! You’ve written about 500 more than I have.

  2. April is indeed a big month for you and your family! I look forward to seeing the bunny cake, more things lined up, another Gingeranium dress, and oodles of fun, creativity, and nice weather. (You asked April so nicely!) Three thousand posts deserves a big WOW! I’m at 499 and can barely imagine approaching your numbers.

  3. Oh my, yes, April, let’s kick March to the curb and let it move along. I love that you’re making a bunny cake and hope we get pictures of it. My birthday has collided with Easter a few times and yet, no bunny cake. I’m sure my mom would have much preferred making me a bunny cake to the year we had my party on the Saturday before bday/Easter and then she woke up to a little girl worried about “spots” on her tummy. There were a few Easter Sunday phone calls that included the words “chicken pox”. As an adult, I have a much better grasp of how that must have been, all I knew was that I got to lay on the couch in my jammies and be fussed over, but not allowed to SCRATCH.

  4. Yeah, I hope April provides some much needed warmth (rain is okay from time to time) and no more snow after the snowstorm we are currently finding ourselves in. We are in the 8-12 inch range. Ugh. Looking forward to a sheep shearing next weekend and CT Sheep and Wool that kicks of fiber season here in NE at the end of April.
    Great photos of the grands! They are growing by leaps and bounds! Twister was a favorite of ours as kids. My mom painted a twister mat on a tiled section on my bedroom floor. Less sliding on a fixed surface.

  5. Wow! The way those kids are growing it won’t be too long before Jun has Gin playing Twister! It is grey, dark, and very rainy here today (and 36 this morning! What’s up with that???). Hoping April arrives with some sun and warmth.

  6. I agree with you…let’s have a creative, fun, productive 30 days! And though I only have one kiddo, he’s an April birthday too. Can’t wait to celebrate…and where did those 26 years go?
    Have a great weekend Vicki!

  7. WAY late to the Hello April threads because I wouldn’t let myself read any of yours until mine was posted. LOVE that I saw the 2nd geranium dress already done (April 2 – you made quick work of that one!) I’m all for a “creative, fun, productive 30 days” – bring it on!!

  8. …and p.s. I LOVE the photos of Jun and Gin playing with the “vintage” toys. We didn’t do nearly as good a job as you at keeping stuff. Have y’all tried dominos? Charlie loves to sort and stack just like Jun and I think he might really like making chains that topples over (and then later, we can practice counting).
    and p.p.s. happy birthday to all your girls!!

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