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Right Now: April Weekending

Avoiding… Income taxes. In doing so, I have been incredibly productive in other areas!


Kate & Jun checking out the creek in Kate's new back yard!

Saturday's tactics included helping Katie move, doing Ali's payroll, and sewing a dress for Gin.


Gin: In Threes – helping Kate move in!

On Sunday, I made runs to Target & the grocery store, had lunch with Kate, balanced a few bank accounts, and even took all of the printer toner cartridges (that have been piling up for years) to Office Max.

And I made dinner and we Skyped with Maddy.

And I sorted through a stack of tax-related papers.

It's been a pretty amazing weekend!! Perhaps we should need to file our tax returns every month! Heh.

Celebrating… April Birthdays!!! Though Alison is second-born, her birthday comes first on the calendar and this year it is also Easter. We're going to join Rod's family at a local restaurant for Easter lunch and birthday celebration, and I'm okay with not cooking/hosting this year. I will be baking an awesome cake, and have enlisted Kate's help in decorating.

And next I'll have to figure out what to do for her birthday…

And then for Maddy's, which is a little tougher since she's so far away.

Drinking… Coffee, water, iced SporTea, hot Tazo ZEN tea, Gin+Campari+OJ+Club Soda.


Salad in a jar for lunch! I've been meaning to do this for a long time…

Eating… Pretty well, for the most part. Planning is everything!!

Itching… for some nice weather. I'm not asking for much (being April), but four days in a row of 50s-into-60s and sunshine would do wonders. Alas, April, you're known more for showers and, from what I can see, that's what it's mostly going to be about this month.


Sewing… As mentioned above, while avoiding working on taxes, I made another Geranium Dress for Gin.


I wasn't really even thinking about making another dress for her, but was moving some stuff around and uncovered an old pillowcase from Mom's.


It was a reflex, thinking, "Hm. Could I make a dress from this?" And then I did. The ruffled edge of the pillowcase made a PERFECT ruffled hem — and saved quite a bit of time.


I've sewn three dresses for Gin and they've all been from the same pattern! I am still all about that sleeve cap. My "stitching in the ditch" could be improved.

Knitting… I am currently working on Summer Camp by Laura Aylor, using some recently dyed yarn that makes me think it might have been rather dark & stormy at camp that week. But also fun!

Listening… to Exit West by Mohsin Hamid… and am enthralled every minute.

Reading… I am committed to Homeland and Other Stories, and enjoying it quite a bit; Dark Matter is on deck for book club, though I'm certain I will not have finished it by the time we meet.

Planning… Not much, except for some vague home improvement/cleaning projects. It's only April and I already have plans for every single one of my vacation days this year plus one! Florida & New Orleans have eaten a few; Spain for sure; Auntie Camp, and a trip to TN/AL add up! Not complaining, it's a stellar year for experiences.

Watching… Rusty and I just watched Finding Vivian Maier, which had been on my subliminal list for quite a long time and he brought home from the library last week.


Wondering… How this little fashionista is 11 months old already!!


11 thoughts on “Right Now: April Weekending

  1. If tax procrastination results in a weekend full of making, moving, and getting things done, I say “Well Done”! I adore that dress and while that must have been a lovely pillowcase, it’s an absolutely beautiful dress for sweet Gin. Happy Birthdays to all!

  2. She’s got quite the wardrobe in that photo! I think your Easter lunch and birthday plans sound good. We’re traveling that day so we won’t be celebrating with family this year.

  3. Wait, wait! 11 months!? That cannot be. I was just trying to decide if she was 7 or 8 months old! I loved Exit West and heard an author interview that was every bit as interesting as the book. Love the dress from a pillowcase as well as Threes!

  4. The dress from a pillowcase is perfect! So pretty and spring-like. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Those little ones…growing so darn fast!

  5. I’m hanging right there with you on the tax procrastination front! LOVE Gin’s fashion sense — and that dress. And that sweater. And that hat! XOXO (Did I ever tell you that I’m friends with Rae Hoekstra’s mom and dad — and that I watched her grow up! So fun to see her find sewing-success! Just love her patterns.)

  6. 11 months! What??? How can that be? And, I love those little dresses! But this one is especially sweet! (And, I think there is a foot that helps you stitch in the ditch. I am not sure what its name is, but I will snag a photo of it for you!)

  7. I wish there were a better way to elicit all the tax-procrastination productivity (I had some here, too – of course not nearly what you did!) without … taxes! looks like you are definitely ready for a fun-filled April. and oh-my-goodness, Gin … that last photo kills me!

  8. Gin is a lucky girl to have such a creative grandmother. I would have never looked at a pillowcase and thought… dress! I’ll look at things differently now. She is so darned cute in her sweater. Whew! I have to go rest. I’m worn out after reading about everything you did!

  9. 11 months- that went so fast- The orange sweater is gorgeous on Gin! The dress is extra special since two generations are involved in its creation. You accomplished so much in once weekend. Is Kate’s new place closer to you or further. Enjoy all the birthday celebrations.

  10. My tax prep procrastination consists mostly of playing computer solitaire. And knitting and Netflix. But I am really good at all three (!) The pillowcase fabric looks like cotton satin — silky smooth and tightly woven; the dress is adorable. Regarding Exit West: Kym said that the writing was so good that the reader want to savor it and reread many sentences; that made me request the book from the library. Now you are listening to it: should I instead get the Audible version? Questions, questions…

  11. I hear you on the tax procrastination! We had said we wanted to get ours done by the 1st week in March, but – with the help of our local “taxman” – we got ours done today. All this week, part of every day went to gathering paperwork and doing calculations. Now I can finally do something more fun!
    Love the pillowcase dress for Gin. Very clever use of a pretty fabric.

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