Weekending: Together With / Madison


Brian Prugh . (title to be updated) . Nylon tulle . 2017


Tobias FikeDraco (left) and Puppis . Solar-burned canvas. 2017


Laura ShillRun So Far (from the Absent Lovers series) . Cyanotype . 2017


Amber CobbHeld, Hugged, and Stroked . Silicone on bathmat. 2016


Esau McGhee . (titles to be updated) . Collage. 2017


Ian FisherAtmosphere No. 85 . Oil on canvas . 2017


Ashley Williams and Sarah Williams (collaboration) . Necessary Language: Berlin/Doi Saket . Clay, wire, foam, and paint . 2017

Those are a few of my favorites pieces from TOGETHER WITHThe show will be up in Madison for a few weeks, then packed away & stored until September when it heads for Denver!

It was late, we were hungry, and Rusty was mightily suffering the allergies, so the only other Gallery Night venue we visited was right across the street at the Overture Center for the Arts, where The Fairytales of Grimm & Litherland was my favorite exhibit by far!


Gerit Grimm


Gina Litherland

Path of Needles . Oil on Masonite . 2009
Three Spinsters . Oil on panel . 2015

For anyone interested who lives in or around Madison, Gerit Grimm will be giving a demo @ UW-Madison Art Lofts on Thurs., June 8, 6:30-8:00 pm.

Our Airbnb — with an app for the garage door and an app to unlock the door — was really pretty great. We were literally in & out — went to bed when we arrived, and got ready to leave when we got up! We had breakfast at a new-to-us diner in Madison called The Curve (a whole area of Madison over there that I seem to have never visited before!). 


It was so lovely, we walked down by the water. I took a panorama photo and then Rusty decided to move and this is what was captured — it's always weird when something moves!

We were home by early afternoon and I watched the kiddos for a while before getting ready to go to hear the Fox Valley Symphony. It was the finale of their 50th season, and as part of the anniversary celebration, they asked a few local artists to create works of art for the pieces they would perform — Saturday's piece was A Sea Symphony, and Rusty was asked to create the artwork! Imagine that.

7 thoughts on “Weekending: Together With / Madison

  1. oh my goodness – that absent lovers series is amazing – and I love everything you shared from the Fairytales. love seeing glimpses of Madison – thank you!

  2. Another wow; there is so much art to love here! I WANT one of Ian Fisher’s Atmosphere paintings, and I also think that Path of Needles is wonderful. Your panorama is like some sort of interesting science fiction with Rusty coming through the tear he’s made in the sky. 🙂 Glad you had such a good time and thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. What wonderful pieces! How exciting for Kate! (My favorite, though, is Path of Needles. Love it.) I had the same thought that Bonny did — that it looks like Rusty is coming through a rip in the sky. 🙂
    I love when symphonies link their music . . . to other mediums, and especially visual art. Rusty’s art is perfect for A Sea Symphony. Just perfect!

  4. Every piece of Grimm & Litherland’s works are fascinating. I could study them all day. The crow over the thimble made me laugh. Seeing Rusty’s head come through the photo was so strange, maybe even more so when you explain how it happened (who knew!). And, Rusty’s art work is a perfect representation for a symphony about the sea.

  5. Wow! Somehow I missed this post when I commented yesterday on your mending post. This art work is simply amazing. so beautiful. Being a “needle person” I am, of course, drawn to Path of Needles (Love the Crow!!). And your picture of Rusty tearing thru the sky is wonderful! Congratulations to him being chosen to do art for the symphony. Fun, fun, fun.

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