Sunday Shenanigans (Weekending, cont’d)

I let a couple of participatory things slide this month.

In the past, I've enjoyed doing Macro May (even if I was the only participant!), but I let that slide this year in favor of another photography-related challenge which I shall share in good time.

Actually, I don't think I ever fully participated in #memademay, but I've been a fan and it was on my radar. On Sunday, I fired up my newly repaired sewing machine* and did a little mending… #memendedmay!


This is one of Kate's book bags from when she was a Master's student at University of Edinburgh… and obviously used well beyond! The fabric began to fray at one of the handle attachment points, and I wanted to fix it for her. The bag is worn, ink-stained and, some might argue, really not worth the trouble. (Kate may even have replaced it on her most recent trip.) That ink stain, though! I reinforced the frayed areas with stitching, then added another layer of fabric inside — scrap from Mom's old pillowcase that I used for Gin's most recent Gingeranium dress.

That project under my belt, I mended the failed handle (and reinforced the rest) of a Tyvek tote bag from Rio de Janeiro, repaired a couple of the canvas grocery bags that we've used for years, and even repaired a pair of underwear where the elastic had come away from the fabric.

Oh, I was channeling my mother BIG TIME!! She mended everything, including more substantial underwear repairs (but that's where I draw the line).


I patched a hole, by request, in this favorite paint-spattered flannel shirt of Rusty's. (Yes, I did use a piece of pink & white gingham — it's the only flannel that I could find in my stash!) It's not beautiful, but it'll do… I also reinforced a button that was barely hanging on.


And I made towels! I've had a length of this fabric for years, always with this intention. It finally dawned on me that it might have been from one of those hand towel rolls (that you rarely see anymore). Anyway, I cut it (none too carefully) into kitchen towel-ish lengths and hemmed both ends… voila! Three new towels, plus a little extra for the rag bag.


POTATOES!! I am so excited, you just can't imagine. We drove out to the local farm** on Sunday morning and I bought a little of everything. All Certified Organic, I have Dark Red Norland, Oneida Gold, Blue Adirondack (purple), Superior, and French Fingerling.


Here's the view of my little potato patch from they bedroom window. I'll be able to check on it everyday! There's nothing there yet; next on my list is manure and hay/straw. I may build up the soil just a bit, too, because there's a black walnut tree a little ways away.


Family photo shoot! I helped wrangle and cajole, and then Rusty & I had a few frames snapped with the kiddos.

Whew! I had yesterday off and spent most of it at home… quietly and mostly alone. Ahhh.

*The old Husqvarna is still humming, but my repair guy says that parts are getting harder and harder to find, and I might want to start looking around for its replacement. Boo.

**We chatted while bagging potatoes and when she told me that they also give horseback riding lessons… ding-ding-ding. I realized that I'd been there before! Ali & her friend Abbey used to take lessons there when they were in high school; Abbey's mom still keeps her horse out there.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Shenanigans (Weekending, cont’d)

  1. Love all your mending and that towel fabric is wonderful! I can’t remember the last time I saw one of those roller towel things. After reading Kym’s post about her Alabama Chanin skirt, I’m in the mood for some hand sewing. Now I just need more hours in every single day!

  2. Keepsakes are worth mending because all.the.memories. Good quality goods are harder and harder to find, which makes the repairs all the smarter. New life to great things is a good way to see it. Smith loves growing potatoes and we love eating them, too.

  3. When I worked at the fabric store I used to make kitchen towels ALL the time. It was so easy to just buy some yardage, cut it into whatever length I wanted, and serge the ends. Family photos! How awesome!

  4. I love all the mending you did along with how you mended. I mend easy things, but you have given me a higher level to aspire to!
    I think you’re smart to build your potato soil up as much as you can because of that cursed walnut. Our neighbor’s gigantic walnut has an even bigger root system that runs right under most of our garden, and the leaves and nuts fall on it, so our soil gets a big dose of juglones from the tree. It killed potatoes the first two years we tried them, and we have to be really careful to put the tomatoes in the farthest-away corner as they’re really susceptible also. Good luck; I love the varieties you’re growing!

  5. I enjoy mending at times- Love seeing your work. The toweling looks wonderful. I love a good woven cotton kitchen towel-have a drawer full of them. Photo shoot looks like fun. Good luck with the potatoes. I’ve never tried to grow them. I limited my garden to tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, peas.

  6. Oh I love all the visible mending and how you can stitch bits of your mom into things you’re using now. I’ll be watching the potatoes with interest … happy to add another bit of vicarious gardening to my feed reader 🙂

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