2019: The Knitting

I didn't knit a lot last year, but SOCKS made a big return… in big yarn! 2019-knitting

I finished 14 projects last year… and there's not a mystery* among them!

  • One hat
  • Four pairs of socks
  • Two baby/toddler sweaters
  • One wall hanging
  • One infinity scarf
  • Two pairs of mitts/mittens
  • Three cowls…


…which I hadn't added to my Ravelry page before I made the collage! They're there now.

So far this year, I've finished a pair of Woodland Slippers, and last night I started another "Arrows" scarf.

The scarf is by request from the person to whom I gave the first! She has proven herself to be very knit-worthy, and requested the same scarf but in more neutral colors. This is a terrible photo taken late and in lamp light (thanks, winter!), but these are the colors so far (surprisingly accurate given the situation)… let me know if there's anything here that makes you cringe.


*I would have done Kirsten's Shawl MKAL, but I don't think she ever had one — am I wrong? I recall an announced delay and then I either missed it or it just never happened.


9 thoughts on “2019: The Knitting

  1. You’ve done so much warm and lovely knitting for others! Your grands, daughters, and friends are lucky to be clad in your handknits. No cringing here — quite the opposite!

  2. I’m not cringing either – the colors all play well together. And, thanks for the reminder of the Arrows pattern. You and Kym inspired me and I bought the pattern…then I did nothing. LOL. Maybe after I finish Colin’s blanket (so large) I’ll be able to pull yarns for that. Everything you made is so lovely Vicki – well done!

  3. I think those colors are GREAT, Vicki. You’ll have so much fun playing with that palette! I so loved making “Arrows” (and still wear it more than any other shawl or scarf)! I think I need to make another, too. (Only for ME. Because selfish.) Love all the socks! XO

  4. I agree with everyone – what a great knitting year! I love every single project, but Kate’s beret might be my favorite. And I don’t think you missed a TTL MKAL. My knitting group asked her about it late Spring and she said she was planning one, it would just be later in the year. as we’ve seen more sewing, pottery and other making coming from her, we all think she’s had other things to occupy her! Maybe 2020?!

  5. I love that so many of your projects were made to keep others warm, and I love the colors you’ve chosen for the new shawl. They’re neutral but colorful as well.

  6. I agree with Sarah – knitting for others is perhaps the best thing ever – especially grandchildren! I love your colors for your Arrows! I want to knit one – and have since you and Kym finished yours! This is a great reminder to toss the leftover bits and see what I can find to put together!

  7. your knitting year was beautiful. You did so much sewing that it is no surprise that knitting output was lower. Plus you set up the AirBnB and house projects.

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