Door County Weekending

It was a process! After work on Friday, Kate & I loaded up the wagon with our gear, a cooler, some food, and bedding, and hauled it three blocks or so to the car, went back to get the bikes and load them up, and then down to hitch up Ducky.

We drove up to Bay Shore Campground, just north of Green Bay, to get just a little bit closer to Sister Bay for Saturday morning’s bike ride. It was fun to spend a couple of nights camping again.

We rode the 25-mile route which had one official rest stop — facilities, sub sandwiches, fruit, granola, beverages & cookies! (Mmm, I can never resist a snickerdoodle.)

We made a few unscheduled stops, too, to investigate plants growing in ditches (wild sweet peas) or try to spot a bird in a tree. I walked my bike a little ways up a couple of hills — once, when I was startled & hopped off, and again just because. I always have a little pang of “not doing it right” when I do that but I wasn’t the only one… nor did I have an electric-assist bike! I spotted quite a few of those, and not only when they were passing me by on the road.

Happily, neither my back nor my hip really complained much during the ride! It is getting more difficult to swing my right leg over in the manner that I normally mount but I can still do it (carefully).

One Barrel Brewing Company was one of the event sponsors, and we certainly enjoyed that post-ride beverage, along with the taco bar by Thyme. Oh, and it just wouldn’t be a Door County event without some sort of cherry dessert. It was delicious!

We drove up to Gill’s Rock on Saturday afternoon, stopping at a few places on the way up/down (antique shop, ice cream store, a scenic overlook), at One Barrel’s tasting room on the way to dinner and, finally, back to the campground.

We went down to the water’s edge to watch the sunset — it was gorgeous! Can you see the line of geese? Man, we were pooped… stayed awake long enough to play a couple of games of Sequence, and then it was lights-out — at 8pm! I slept for 9:44 on Saturday night!

After a quick breakfast on Sunday morning, we loaded up & pulled out, and made a stop at Ali’s on the way home to wish Davy a happy birthday!

The aftermath of gift opening! One of the items was a small set of Rocket Balloons and they all LOVED it, so yay! They were all busy either blowing up or chasing balloons when this photo was taken.

Later, Ali sent this photo:

…which cracks me up… all those little balloon babies!

Signs of fall are getting a bit more vivid & plentiful. We sure saw a lot of Halloween displays in people’s yards, too!

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