Kate departed on a 5-week road/camping trip on Wednesday morning. I helped her pack up on Tuesday… with the wagon, don’t ya know. (Not only is that thing lightweight, roomy, and collapsible, but it also came with a couple of perfectly sized bungie cords, which we’ve used on multiple occasions!) There was more than even the wagon could handle on Tuesday night, though, so instead of making multiple trips, I loaded up the stroller, too!

There’s a padded platform in case there’s inclement weather, a unit with drawers, a couple of bins & some bags. The “kitchen” stuff is all tucked in behind the passenger seat. It was fun helping to get that all organized.

This is where she intends to sleep most of the time.

She was going to be traveling through Southern Minnesota and knew that there was some family history there.

I’ve shared a few passages in the past from the memoir that my grandma wrote, including most of this info, though without the picture. “Mom and Dad Sutton” are my great grandparents, Clifford and Mary Naomi (aka Mayme) — my grandmother’s parents. Great Grandma died only about a year before I was born, but Great Grandpa was alive until I was twelve, and he lived with my grandparents.

Yesterday, Kate found the gravestone of Mayme’s grandfather — James Madison Drake! He was born 1817 in Bridgewater, MA, and died 1886 in Fraser, MN, buried in the cemetery at Welcome, MN. She found the stones of other relations, too, but this one is plum!

Someday I need to spend some time exploring the family tree in Minnesota & Iowa, myself!

I have people arriving at both Airbnbs this evening for the Packers’ home opener weekend. I’m looking at a quick turn-around because the next home game comes right up on Thursday night… but, for the weekend, I’m chillaxin’!

Happily, as of this evening, we’ll be able to make our way down the street and can park in front of our house (at least for the weekend)! I think they’ll be starting on the driveway aprons next week (fingers crossed), and maybe sidewalks, too. Anxiously awaiting the weekly update email. haha, such an exciting life.

4 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Looks like she’s going to have a great trip! I wish her good weather along the way. So much interesting family history!

  2. I did a double take on five WEEKS! and wow, that’s traveling LIGHT. Very cool that she’s already found five generations back. that’s a lot of family history.

  3. I thought you hadn’t posted for a while but then I was glad to find you over here! Of course there is family history, Kate traveling, and epic blanket knitting. I’m glad to be able to read about all of it again!

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