I finished Kate’s panel for the Family Temperature Blanket (Rav) last night!! It was too dark to take a photo, so I’ll do that later today.

That means I’ll be casting on Ali’s panel tonight — the fourth of five! Woohoo! There’s a football game tonight, so I should make some progress.

Since I don’t have a blanket photo, some old zinnias on an old table will have to do. (Hm, maybe working on the new table will find its way into my weekend plans!)

4 thoughts on “Milestone

  1. Beautiful zinnias! And congrats on finishing Kate’s panel. Woo-Hoo. 3/5 finished, right? – You, Rusty and Kate…just Ali and Maddy. What a project! How is Kate’s camping going? My laptop (work) blocks her site (so freakin’ frustrating).

  2. That old zinnia photo looks almost like an oil painting! I’m looking forward to temperature blanket photos in the future!

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