Take a look!

Turns out, I couldn’t cast on Ali’s panel last night because I have A LOT of formatting to do to make the data into a readable & useful chart. And I may as we’ll do the same with Maddy’s data right away, so I don’t run into the same problem in a couple of months.

Kate’s panel: April 1985-1986 in the Pacific Northwest

It’s getting leafy! I swept the sidewalk a little before taking photos so I didn’t end up dragging a bunch of leaves into the house.

Rusty’s panel (left): December 1947-1948 in Southern California
My panel (right): November 1958-1959 in Northeast Wisconsin

You may already have seen these images on IG or FB, but I just have to document here! I’m so freakin’ happy with all of this.

Have a great weekend!!

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