Tiny Needle Tuesday

Fancey that

We stopped at a couple of thrift/resale shops over the weekend and I found a small collection of cross-stitch patterns… one of which I just could not resist!

The dancing witches & squirrels! The pumpkins, the crows, the corn!

It has been AGES since I threaded a needle and picked up a piece of linen — there are a couple of pieces I’d like to get back to — and this might get me going in that direction.

Vera may have some company on Tiny Needle Tuesdays!

5 thoughts on “Fancey that

  1. Ooo! This looks fun Vicki! (and I am sorry… but my blog reader was not updating your posts. I will work on getting myself caught up today! It looks like your trip was so fun! and I love those little witches!)

  2. The feel of going back to an old craft is so very comfortable. The touch of fabric, the silken thread, and the tiny scissors are the best part of stitching.

  3. I may have that exact same pattern in my stash!! Fancy Blackett for the win. Such a whimsical design. Please join in for TNT!!!

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