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Unraveled Wednesday: Alison

I’m joining Kat & the Unravelers today for Unraveled Wednesday!


Oh boy, these last two panels (Ali’s & Maddy’s) are going to be a labor of love…

Ali’s first month & a half

It seems like there are soooo many color changes! Made me wonder, more than once, if a color for every 10 degrees would have been better than for every five… … but that would be BORING!

Good progress last night — around 20 more ridges/days

Yep! It was a very hot spring/summer!

It’s so dark in the morning now when I leave for work that I had to bring my knitting to work and snap a photo in the parking lot before heading in!


I am really in a slump.

4 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday: Alison

  1. The blanket is going to be so monumental when it’s done and all this work is going to be worth it! I’m sorry about the reading slump. Sounds like you need something compelling and quick.

  2. oops, somehow your new blog slipped off my radar (not that I was ever very timely reading, but still!) … those witches! and all those garter ridges in so many warm-weather colors; the finished blanket is going to be a real heirloom.

  3. All those color changes and ends to weave in will be worth it in the end! That’s easy for me to say, but it will be another knitorious epic blanket ™.

  4. Vicki!! Your temperature blanket is already amazing and will be even more so once finished. A labor of love for sure. I just enjoy seeing ALL the colors.

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