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The MDK class with Lorilee Beltman was VERY good and I learned a number of things — including tips & tricks — to make stranded knitting less intimidating! Lorilee is an excellent teacher. And I will knit Latvian mittens (that fit & are symmetrical)… someday!

The kids & I had so much fun!

Painting is serious business!
Davy’s work.
Ginny made the cat & pumpkin pictures. Davy’s are the 2nd from right, both rows. The rest are all Malina’s!

Davy wants to be part of everything these days!

I love the expressiveness! Davy made the one with the goatee, and the one to the right of it. In addition to the garland, there’s a pumpkin on the kitchen window frame and a few on the staircase — Ginny’s decorating.

Ginny & Junah discovered a few small holes in the air mattress when we inflated it, and I patched them, but it wasn’t enough. Davy needed a little comforting at 4am and I noticed that Jun & Gin were basically sleeping on the floor with big poofs of mattress on either side of them! I inflated it a few times on Saturday morning for movie watching, and they had a LOT of fun playing on it as it deflated… and then I tossed it. Junah expressed some concern that no air mattress = no more sleepovers, but I assured him that another would soon be on its way. (It was delivered yesterday! Same brand & pretty much the same price that I paid over four years ago.)

Tiny Needle Tuesday!

And now, something that I haven’t done in AGES!

It’s the start of The Harvest Dance. Those tree branches have to extend a bit more on either side and there will be a lot more leaves & acorns. If there’s a “boring” part of this design, that’s it.

Little owl.

I’m probably going to replace the words “Fancey Blackett” with a repeat of the motif on either side of it all the way across, maybe with some color play. I’m charmed by the name, but also find it distracting.

I am using a lighted magnifying lamp to make this work easier on the eyes. It gets in the way & I bump it once in a while, but I can’t imagine doing this without magnification (at least not while I’m also watching TV or talking to people).

I haven’t knit very much in the past week, but I did place an order for a few colors of Felted Tweed that were running low. I’ll be back to the blanket in no time.

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  1. I love seeing all the kids’ crafts! I still think of Davy as a baby, but clearly he’s not anymore.

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