It’s crazy to think that I dropped Rusty off at O’Hare almost 24 hours ago to begin his journey to Australia… and, as of now (noon) he still has almost four hours in the air until touching down in Sydney!

We stopped for lunch on the way down. We were headed to one place but Outback was right in front of us, so we went there, and didn’t even realize it until we sat down & cracked a menu, noticing our surroundings, that we were at OUTBACK… as in shrimp on the barbie, Australia, and THE Outback. What a happy chance and fun way to start the trip.

Almost home…

Ooof. It was a very long day for me. I made a planned stop at IKEA on the south side of Milwaukee on the way home but skipped Trader Joe’s… even though for the first time in my life I actually had a cooler & ice packs with me. Timing was not in my favor and it would have been full-on rush hour by the time I got out of there. No thanks. I was stuck in slow/stop/go traffic enough, with traffic, wrecks, and construction still in full swing — enough that I set my GPS to “avoid highways” and took a little detour. I wound up on Hwy 57, which is the way I’d always go to/fro Milwaukee to visit Sharon when she lived there, and it’s probably been 20 years since I was on some of that stretch. There were a few more traffic signals in Plymouth than I remember!

And now, something to draw a seasonal smile…

Ali sent us this photo this morning, “Guess which one is Malina’s?”
(There are some pretty great pumpkins in that group!)

Given all the art & music influences in their everyday lives, it’ll be interesting to see what these kids end up doing in life… what a joy to have a front-row seat!

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  1. Oh I was hoping *that* pumpkin was Malina’s!! All the best travel wishes for Rusty (and what fun plans do you have to play while he’s away?!)

  2. I just knew that pumpkin was Malina’s!! Your grand kiddos are all so talented and creative. Too funny that you and Rusty ate at Outback. Hope that by now he has aarrived safely and is having fun with those girls! Sorry you missed out on TJs – maybe when you go to pick him up at O’Hare?

  3. I’m pretty proud of myself for picking out Malina’s pumpkin — that girl knows how to add personality!

  4. I was pretty sure that the most colorful and creative pumpkin was Malina’s!

    Sorry for my lack of commenting. I’ve tried to add your WordPress feed to feedly 4-5 x, but so far no success. That means I’m relying on my memory to check your blog (and we know how that goes)!

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