Down under

He made it!

Maddy said that she chatted with the pilots while Rusty was still going through security and told them THANKS for flying him over! haha. I bet he’s sleeping well tonight… or tomorrow night… or whatever night it is down there.

Kate will return this afternoon from her road trip and she’s so excited to drive right up the street and into the driveway! They’ve finally started to clean up & fill in the terrace. Not sure what the end game is… just hoping it’s not a muddy mess waiting to happen come spring.

I’ll be spending a little time doing laundry this weekend. We had such a quick turnover at Ann’s earlier this week that I didn’t get all the laundry done (I stashed it in the basement)! Thankfully, I had just purchased a couple extra sets of sheets — for just this type of circumstance — but now there’s quite a bit to launder, like double. I’ll probably stop on the way home today to get started.

There’s a pop-up flea market downtown tomorrow that I want to check out — so it’s not all work!

What’s up with you? Any weekend plans?

5 thoughts on “Down under

  1. Good to see the pic of Rusty and Maddy together!! How long will he be there? I’ve seen some of Kate’s photos on IG and it looks like she has had a grand time. The pop up flea market sounds great. Did you already have your bike ride?

  2. Your weekend sounds wonderful – we’re celebrating Marc’s birthday (hotdogs and cheesecake!) and watching the boys play baseball and lacrosse. I might do a little laundry, too (darn that sheets don’t wash themselves). Enjoy!!

  3. I’m sure you’re missing Rusty, but having the weekend to yourself must feel pretty nice, even if you do have to spend some of it doing laundry!

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