NaBloPoMo 2023

4: Celebration Continues!

I slept in this morning, then did some “running around” — a thrift store stop, liquor store stop, gift shop stop, another liquor store, lunch, groceries, and car wash. Did you know that you can’t buy Chartreuse anymore? At least not around here. Apparently, the monks are concentrating on other things…

Upon returning home, I immediately knew that something was up… there were streamers hanging in the doorway. The kids all popped up, wearing tiaras, blowing horns, and yelling HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Surprise! Apparently, it was a coordinated effort between Kate, Ali, and my sister Ann, who sent a box with my own special tiara and a “65 & Fabulous” sash, special 65 candles & big balloons. A party in a box.

We had cake and played some games and it was just a generally very nice day!!

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